“Good One, Dogs!”

This is Digby Pancake. Everyone knows I’m a happy guy.

A positive person. A mellow dude. And now? I’m a jokester too.

As we were walking in the rain with Girl Person this weekend, we saw a little boy person up ahead. He was tired of the rain. Just like we were. He was tired of the wet cold. Just like we were.

But he seemed to like me and Brickle. He just couldn’t stop watching us. I felt like we were being judged or something.

Brickle says he is used to being gazed upon.

But I was wondering what was so interesting about us.

And as we passed him, the little boy person slapped his knee with delight and said, “good one, dogs.” Yep. Yep. Apparently he thought Brickle and I were comedians.

And I didn’t think anyone could hear our jokes. In fact, no one has ever heard them before. But this little boy person sure did. And I was very happy.

Not many persons take the time to truly listen, do they? They sure like to listen to their own selves talk. But while they are busy doing that, there are delightful sounds and conversations and yes, even jokes. All around them.

If you’ve never heard a dog tell a joke, or make you laugh, ask yourself what was more important than that.

Do you hear the conversations of birds or bugs or the giggles of the clouds?

Do you hear the grass beneath your feet?

Do you hear the sun as it shines bright?

Life is more than what persons think. To hear others, we have to be quiet. Listen. Contemplate. Consider others and hear their voice.

You may just hear the best joke you’ve ever heard.

Digby Pancake

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