Leaving The Guilt Behind

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well, we have started our Adventure Of A Lifetime again.  Well, sort of.  I have a question for you.  Why did the chicken cross the road?  More importantly…why did the Big Blue Treat Wagon cross the road?  Apparently to park at Boy Person’s old house…his mom’s.


Now, you may think to yourself.  Self?  Why did this happen?  Let me recap yesterday for you.  Said good-bye to Maggie at our campsite with tears in my eyes.

IMG_3679.JPGDid not say good-bye to white pants man person with the white camper and the white car. Did not find Girl Person’s stolen shoe. Went to the tire shop to get some new wheels for the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  Then waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The later it got, the hotter it got in this Florida place and the more tired we got.  Tired of waiting on tires.  Yep. But it seemed pretty convenient that the tire shop was right down the road from Boy Person’s house where he grew up.  And so we got to thinking.  Why were we going to drive hours and hours to get to a campsite late and tired and hungry? This wasn’t the proper way to get started on this Adventure Of A Lifetime again.  We wanted to start out fresh, repaired, rejuvenated and happy to finish up our 14 states and 14 rescues! So the persons decided they would park at Boy Person’s old house until this morning and then get on the road.

Now, one thing you may not know about Girl Person. She frets as they say in the south, y’all.  She ain’t happy unless she has something to feel bad about which makes no dern sense to me.  Guess she has took after our Granny Person in this regard and has to feel guilty about everything under the sun.  So she worried what the fans would think that we didn’t get really back on the road yet again.  She felt guilty that she was letting people down. She felt guilty that maybe we were all tired.  Guilt, guilt, guilt.  It is something she is very good at I must say.

For dogs, we really don’t know guilt very well.  We do something bad but forget about it a minute later, or in Deputy Digby’s case, a few seconds.  But persons dwell and fret and Girl Person is no different.  She looked at me and Deputy Digby yesterday and said she had something to explain to us and to ask for our help to remember.

Girl Person told us that she was tired of feeling guilty.  She told us that the biggest reason for this trip was so that Digby and I could do what we loved the best.  Travel, and be with our persons. She told us that sometimes she worried if she made the right decision to do this trip.  Sometimes people say we look tired, or that we don’t get to rest.  If we rest too long, they still say we look too tired or that we look bored.  Girl Person said that only we know how we feel and that if or when this trip is too much for us, even if we only have one state to go, that is it.  She told us that if we are all having fun, we will keep going.  But she told us that she has to get rid of the guilt because it is taking away some of the joy.  I am all for that!!  Really, I am!  I have policing to do.  I don’t need to worry.

Girl Person told us that persons really need to start supporting each other.  Especially dog parents.  Every dog parent knows their dog the best.  It isn’t up to anyone else to criticize.  That is a Sheriff’s job.  Just saying.  This week, Girl Person posted a video of Deputy Digby eating his new raw diet, and although there was much support, there was a lot of mean things said.

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Sometimes, we all have a bad day, so whatever was said, no worries!  In fact, Girl Person said that opening up discussion about different ways of pet parenting is fine by her!  And we all have a lot to learn. Did everyone who commented know we had to change his diet because he was ill and the vet recommend it to us? Did everyone know that he is feeling so much better since his new diet? Probably not, and that’s ok.  But it is also ok that not everyone agree.  And also ok for everyone to make their own decisions for their furkids without feeling guilty. If another pet parent makes a decision for their furkid that they believe in, we should support that if we can.  If another pet parent has a way of doing things that we may not agree with, do we talk about it in a loving way?  The guilt factor has got to go.  Support and love should be in its place.

And we are leaving the guilt in this Florida place for good.  There is no room in the RV for it. The only thing that is going to fit in this RV from now on is happy.  And that is that.  Guilt?  You. Are. Arrested.

Sometimes, you have to clear the air to feel better.  The air in here will never be clear if Digby is in it, but you get my point.  Guilt is a powerful thing to persons and makes you not do the things you want to.  If the persons felt guilty about all the animals they could not save, they wouldn’t save even one.

So let’s all get ready for this trip today even if it is day late and many dollars short. Our next destination is a place called Waveland, Mississippi by Monday.  Tonight though, we will be making a stop at Seminole State Park in Georgia which is half way.  We will stay there three nights and we will not feel guilty about it either!  You may be wondering who our Mississippi rescue pick is!  We will tell you that on Monday, and once again we will be sharing their adoptable animals, doing a video and showing you some cool things that Mississippi has to offer.  So are you excited?  If you are, don’t feel guilty about it, because this is going to be awesome.   Yes, we are sad to leave our Florida place, but it won’t be long till this trip is over and so there is no time for sad.  Or guilt. It is being left behind and we are ready to go! Let’s do this! Oh, by the way…Digby has something to say about guilt too below.  I will let him take over. He has pancake breath though. Just saying.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Guilt. Hmmm.  Stronger than dark maple syrup on a cold day when you can’t get it to come out of that bottle! Maple syrup makes me happy and don’t we all want the people we love to be happy too? I certainly want that for Girl Person as she does for me.  Girl Person has been trying to help me feel better.  She took me to the vet person, we made a lot of changes, and I know she has been worried about it.  One of my favorite parts in one of my favorite books, The Endless Path puts it pretty good how I feel.  I’ll read to you below. Gunny’s brother Bacchus is talking about their Girl Person, Laurie who helped write the book. And Bacchus wasn’t feeling good either sometimes, like me. Again, read with me below.


“I know it’s hard for Laurie that Gunny can’t get around easily anymore.  Sometimes I wish we were all young again.  I don’t feel as young anymore.  I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or after that.  I know Laurie has hardships and worries.  She takes good care of me and I am glad she loves me.  I want her to be happy”.-Bacchus

If you are a person and are trying to help your furkid feel better, or even another person feel better, you are doing the best that you can!! Give yourself credit!  We trust you.  We love you.  And you are doing a good job.  Always know that.  Because the little time we have together doesn’t have a second left in it for guilt.

This is pretty much the best book ever.  If you loved the book, A Dog’s Purpose, you will love The Endless Path book by Laurie Duperier and her dog, Gunny. The Endless Path tells the story of the extraordinary journey of two soulmates who overcame almost insurmountable odds to find each other and to stay together as long as they possibly could.

Thru the month of February, the book’s kind author is donating $5 for every book sold to 2 Traveling Dogs and our rescue mission! Plus, every book is autographed. In order for us to get credit, you must order only thru this link!


Thank you Laurie and Gunny, and to all of our fans for their continued support!

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