Friends In Low Places

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m a friendly sort of guy. In circumstances that I need to be. Like maybe, some days I have to get information out of a potential criminal. I need to be nice to get my questions answered for an arrest.

In some circumstances I have to be friendly in order to uphold my reputation. Part of being the most handsomest dog alive is a smile when appropriate. You gotta always be cool. Groovy. Put on the moves.

But these days, I’ve noticed maybe it’s becoming a bit harder to be friendly. These days, I’ve noticed that many are down. Scared. Tired. Unsure. My friends are in some low places.

Some of my friends are fortunate to not have their world turned upside down. My friend Jack The Kangaroo has no idea what a Virus Monster is. He hops around like normal being tall and able to ride any ride he wants to.

My goat friends are going about their day of being goats like normal. Stinking up the place and looking at me funny.

If I took the time to tell them what was really happening in the world, they would be worried about their food. Their routine. And so I find that not talking to them about such things is helpful. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I care enough not to bring them down.

Limited Time Only

I’ve noticed that persons think that talking about bad news all day is required now. But what about all the good things that are still happening around us? Do we appreciate those things? Or do our conversations only center around negative things?

We are all feeling low. Why get lower? You can’t make a cookie taste better with salt. But you can make it better with peanut butter. Sweeten up someone’s day by bringing them to a higher perspective.

One of appreciation for the beautiful things in our world that haven’t stopped. I’ve got friends in low places. But my job is to take them higher. Let’s all try to do that.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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