Bring Me Flowers

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you haven’t stopped and smelled the roses lately, I have to ask you.  Why not?  I would prefer to stop and smell the peanut butter cookies, but I haven’t found a garden that grows those yet.  So, I decided to compromise and visit a dog friendly garden here where we are in Ft. Bragg, California yesterday.

Because we have some of the best fans ever, a lady person told us she had a treat for us  and bought Girl Person and Boy Person tickets and even me and Deputy Digby got to come along!


Guess they didn’t know about his reputation for peeing on everything.

We had not planned on visiting the gardens because it seems like we always have so much to do.


Everyone always has so much to do.  And no matter what you don’t get done today, there will be more that you don’t get done tomorrow.  So, even though I am all about being on duty all the time, even I realize that you have to stop sometimes and appreciate what is around you, and who is around you.  When was the last time you brought someone flowers?  It doesn’t have to be actual flowers..but have you showed appreciation for those you love?

It is easy to take those we love for granted.  How often have you just passed by beautiful flowers because you have an errand to run or a place to go?  How often have you forgotten how much those around you mean to you, and how you would miss them if they were gone?


Life has a way of getting us caught up in..well, life.  There is a lot wrong in our world, but there is a lot that is right too.  Don’t let life make you forget to bring those you love flowers, whether those flowers be a kind word, an unexpected peanut butter cookie, or even a pancake for Digby.  Putting everything together that is right around us makes for a beautiful day.  Let the ones that you love know today that they are as pretty as a garden full of flowers…but not as pretty as me.

Thank you to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg, California for welcoming us on our Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Today, we are leaving Ft. Bragg and headed to Sacramento, California!  Keep updated on our Facebook page today.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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