Don’t Get Carried Away

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s a lot of things I get carried away with. Being handsome. Being perfect. Being demanding. Arresting. Arresting. Arresting.

But the last week in this Georgia place, we almost gotten carried away. Literally. Have you ever been so uncomfortable and in so much turmoil that you just wanna jump into the shower because you just want to wash away your day? But then you remember that the showers at camp are prison showers. And you just say, never mind? Yeah.

First of all, Girl Person started itching. Itching on her feet. On her head. And everywhere else. Poison. Dern. Ivy. She had to take two showers a day. And then we started getting bugs all over us. Ticks and flies and it all. So we had to get three baths a day. There wasn’t enough soap to wash away our attitude. Because it was hot. Humid. The air conditioning was struggling. And so was our resolve to be model campers.

Sure. We like to be proper. Not make a scene. To at least pretend we are enjoying the day with poison ivy and yellow flies in 100 degree heat. But when the ants came out? We tried to laugh about it. But then, we didn’t. We almost got carried away.

Every time Girl Person would put down her backpack, they would try to carry it off. Despite the fact there was nothing but water inside, they didn’t care. They wanted a home inside. And then they tried to get everyone’s shoes. And chair. And bikes. And well. Girl Person had had. It. With a sound so not of a happy camper, she told the ants that maybe they would stop if she put the backpack in the washer. She said “How do you like that? Well? Bite me again on my poison ivy feet and you will be as clean as an ant at a spa. And there ain’t no spa for ants.” So I didn’t get it.

Girl Person carried that backpack to the washer, as they bit her arm and she just had had it.

Again. She put in the soap. She looked at her backpack. She looked at her dinosaur swollen feet and speckled legs and arms and she sighed.

“Get out of this backpack, folks. No spa is worth your life. I’m giving you a chance. Surrender. Go away. Tell all your friends you drove a happy camper with poison ivy to insanity by biting her. Tell all your friends it was a good party on her dinosaur legs. Do whatever you have to do. Just. Scram”.

They seemed to listen. Rather well. And Girl Person felt ok about her decision not to take them to the spa. But then, right as she loaded the backpack in the washer, there he was. One Lone Ranger.

And he was now inside the washer. The water was about to come on. Girl Person felt so bad she reached inside and so nicely put him on her speckled arm to get him out. And. He. Bit. Her.

Now. If you’ve ever seen someone yell at an ant and a washing machine pouring water all over her, you have a story to tell. If not, I implore you to picture Girl Person and her poison ivy, dinosaur legs and her unhappy camper attitude as she’s yelling at aforementioned ant. And then imagine you’re her camping neighbor. And you wonder why you picked that spot. And right when that person reaches her breaking point, you decide to turn up your radio real loud.

And you see that the Girl Person stops and starts laughing instead of crying. And she looks even crazier. And you decide to change the channel. And she starts cackling even harder. And you just close your eyes.

You see, we’ve all got some crazy waiting to come out. What can push you over the edge and make you question every decision you’ve ever made? Maybe an ant. Or a million. Maybe the heat in Georgia. Maybe it’s a battle with poison ivy. But can you recognize the humor? Or do you let it keep you down?

Don’t get carried away with feeling sorry for yourself. There’s no way to make things better stuck in the same place. You can stop. Drop. And roll. But pull it together. And make what you need to happen…happen. It’s up to you. We are leaving Georgia today. Yeah. That’s happening. It’s been fun.

If the RV starts today after a battle with a 140 pound battery, we are on the road!

Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Meander If You Want To Get There

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What does it mean to meander? I know what it means to go slow and take my time to get nowhere in particular. So, yes, I know how to meander! And when you are staying at a place called Crooked River State Park, you meander like the crooked river meanders.

And you don’t care to know where you are headed. Because there is no hurry when you meander. And to be in a hurry makes you worry. And I am not down with that.

To me, meandering is kind of like slow dancing.  You sway and you go slow.  Nothing complicated about that.

We got to St. Mary’s, Georgia the other day.  Just in time.

The Big Blue Treat Wagon was sputtering.  She was in no hurry.  Especially not over those bridges.

Since she had not traveled in awhile, she was taking her sweet time.  And when we got to camp, she decided that she didn’t want to open up about her feelings. And she wouldn’t let her slide outs open.  Well, if you know Girl Person, you know she isnt slow about saying she is a bit clausterphobic when it comes to tight spaces. And everyone except me had a bit of a panic attack. Boy Person said  that this trip, more than likely, things won’t just go wrong.  They will explode in here like a jack in the box.

But I am not worried about that now.  Point A to Point B we always say.  But when you are meandering, and you really don’t have a plan, it’s easy to not care as much.  What’s the rush?

Brickle sure didn’t see a rush when he climbed up that observation deck to look at the river.  He looked.  But then decided it was better to see it sitting down.

If we live in the moment, truly live in the moment, we go with the flow.  We go where the river takes us.  It will always take us somewhere.  It’s when we try to fight against the current and the order of things that we get into trouble.

We will all get to where we should be eventually.  We can make it hard on ourselves by not appreciating where we are and looking for the next place.  It’s good to have something to look forward to.  But if we lose the moment, we will lose the next moment too.  We have to break the cycle.

How long will we be here in Crooked River State Park in St. Mary’s, Georgia? Our current goal is to sit and rest a spell. That’s what you say in the south.  That means about a week.  We can’t seem to beat the heat anywhere. So when you can’t beat em’, join em’. And wait it out. It’s a pretty nice place to wait it out and see what we can find while we meander.

If you were not in a rush, what would you want to enjoy more?  If you could meander and not fly thru your day, can you imagine all that you could see?  If we all take a day, or even an hour to just look and meander and go with the flow, your path may even be more noticeable.  Meander and you will get there.  Where you are supposed to be.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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