Oops. I Did It Again.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. First of all, if you are eating your breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or even a snack, I apologize in advance.  I usually do nothing in advance except plan the next day’s meals.  But this one deserves a warning.  I think I did it again.

If you remember, and I know you probably do, last week, I got a bit ill in a National Park.  Apparently, if you eat horse poop on a trail, then get back in a Jeep right away, and you are not used to the altitude, you might throw up.  Then you might throw up on your Sheriff Brickle brother.  Then, you may have some persons with throw up all over them as well.  And then.  Also.  Apparently, if you eat a chicken and green bean dinner, then you go on a hike in a Utah National Park, and then you drive home, you may throw up. Again.


As I am writing this, I have one obvious thing to say to the persons. What’s the big deal?  Haven’t you ever called for a takeout chicken dinner?

As we were driving home from a long day at the rescue visit with Color Country Welfare and a hike in Capitol Reef National Park, we were really tired.  But all of a sudden, it came over me.  You know.  That feeling when you are really tired, but you still want to stay awake to watch your favorite show.  Well, the show out the window was pretty, and I wanted to see it.


I guess I should have not remembered I don’t do good with altitude.  I have learned that word by now, even though I am from that Florida place.  The persons should have remembered not to hike so soon after dinner.  And we all should have been home by now.  But our last night here was one we wanted to savor.  And my savoring came from my second dinner.  It was delicious.  One more time.

As Boy Person was driving, it happened.  And all over the Jeep. Again.  And all over Brickle.  Again.  And as Girl Person heard the gagging, she looked at Boy Person and all she said was, “are you kidding me right now?”.  And Boy Person said, “oh no.  No one is kidding here.”  Right about then, I saw the chicken dinner again before my eyes, and I was a new dog.  Hungry again.  I started munching away because this take out was ready fast.  And as the persons started gagging, Boy Person pulled over, almost running into the mountain.  All we heard him say to Girl Person was, “you try to take care of that, and I will be back”.  Well, I guess he called for his own takeout too and was going to get it.

Some days are just, well, a blur.  And as Girl Person tried not to throw up from cleaning up throw up, she started laughing again.  She told me I was pretty gross for eating that take out and Sheriff Brickle threw the book at me.  Which got covered in chicken and green beans. Now. I know you can’t drink and drive.  But a throw up and drive is against the law in Utah.  And I.  Am.  Arrested.

Now.  How did this affect the persons later on in the night?  You would probably think that they cleaned me up and it would be forgotten.  And you are correct.  Why? Well, it was cold.  Real cold.  And yep, we have been out in the desert for five nights with no electric. And it was so cold that we all got into bed together, and the day’s takeout was forgotten.  Almost.  As I burped my good night burp, the persons decided they were warm enough to cuddle. With Brickle.

Today, we are back on the road again, headed to Green River, Utah!  We are starting to make our way to Idaho, but we have some more things to see in Utah.  Are you ready? Do you have a barf bag with you? I may need it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Wally here was rescued by Color Country Animal Welfare in Torrey, Utah.  He was found in traffic on a busy highway, dehydrated and suffered from seizures on the way to safety. This is Wally two weeks later, thanks to the wonderful people here.  He is available for adoption, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this wonderful rescue!  Visit their Facebook page and please…today…tell them thank you for all they do.