Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let me be the first…again…to welcome you to this Virginia place.  Again.  The last time we left here, they made sure to tell us not to be a stranger.  Well, we are back, Virginia.  No strangers here. And it’s great to be back.  Especially after the beginning to our week.


I don’t like to dwell on stuff that isn’t worth dwelling on.  Like stressful predicaments. Like even having to say that word. Like a day without maple syrup.  So I won’t mention that on Monday, the Big Blue Treat Wagon gave us some trouble.  And so when we tried to leave that North Carolina place again on Tuesday, well, everyone was a bit worried.  Worried if the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would start.  Would it cooperate? What would happen?  Worried, worried, worried.


You know, sometimes, you worry about one thing.  And then, something else creeps up to worry about.  And so as Boy Person started up the engine…wouldn’t you know it?  He had fixed it after all! And then as he pulled around to empty our tanks, me and Brickle and Girl Person decided to sit under a tree for a little while until we had to make that long drive.  Seems like the worry had melted away for everyone for a few minutes.  For a few minutes.


But as we were sitting under the tree, Girl Person remarked that she wished we didn’t have to drive so far.  And then.  Out of nowhere came the biggest cloud over us…in an instant.


Needless to stay, we hightailed it back to the RV, and the persons scrambled like eggs all over the place.  They tried to hook up the car.


They tried to hurry with hoses and gloves and shoes and whatever else all that stuff is they fool around with.  Me and Brickle just started panic mode because they were panicking. And that worry?  It was back.


And then? As we started the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, the rain came down like maple syrup dripping from my jowls on a Sunday Funday.  Now, the worry was because of the rain, and driving in the rain.  And I sat there and I wondered.  What in the world?  Worry can turn into another worry, then you forget about the original worry, and you know what?  You also forget when something worked out.  They had forgot.  The biggest worry was that we couldn’t even start the Big Blue Treat Wagon yesterday. And they would have given anything just to get out of that campsite…rain or no rain.  They would not have complained about the long drive. Now, I was worried that they wouldn’t ever see the positive.

Now, we were back on the road.  Wet.  Getting rained on.  Real bad.  But what was escaping me besides the obvious smell was that they weren’t paying any attention to me. I was enjoying the ride.  I was enjoying the fact that we were on our way.  And they just weren’t able to see that.  Until they saw me.


If there is one thing that I am good at besides my ability to eat dinner in 3.2 seconds flat, it is being simple.  It is being simply happy.  It is being simply there.  And so as they looked at me, nothing else seemed to matter.  We were on our way.  And I know that I was starting to smell that mountain air again.  It was getting closer.  I didn’t smell worry. No one smelled worry anymore.

When you worry so much that you forget when things go right, you need to step back. Look at yourself.  The only song you can sing is one that you feel in your heart.  If gratitude is in there, there won’t be as much room for the worry.


So Virginia?  We are here at for a week!  Let’s do this.  Again!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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