The Bread And Butter Walk

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever been invited to a party that you didn’t want to go to, but you went anyway?

That’s kinda how last week was for the persons. After we didn’t get the best news about my health, they decided to throw a pity party which no one wanted to go to anyways.

Well. I had enough of that party. So had Brickle. Girl Person was tired of letting her emotions get to her. So we all decided that instead of worrying about what we truly didn’t know, we would go with flow. And appreciate all the great days. And we believe we have years of them if we play our cards right!

What I like to do everyday, even if the walks are a little harder, is think about what comes after the walk. Sometimes it’s a bath. Yes. But sometimes it’s a treat. Sometimes, that treat is almost as good as one of Girl Person’s favorites, bread and butter.

Walks are a lot like life. We can either walk, worried about what’s next. Or we can walk and look around. Appreciate the view. Look forward to something. We can glide with butter. Or we can get stuck in the mud. Which would require another bath.

I personally think that with positivity, you can walk longer. And I’m ready to keep walking. Not wondering. And this week, i will be assigning you different ways to keep positive and to keep us positive.

Today’s assignment is to walk your dog! Sure, sure. You may already walk your dog. But I want you to try something different. If possible, I would like you to walk a little further than usual. I would like you to put away your phone. I would like you to talk to your dog about what you see. And we are going to call it the Bread and Butter Walk. Because after the walk, you’re each going to get a treat. And I want you to tell me all about your walk. I’ll be looking forward to reading your comment. So will Sheriff Brickle!

You see, his walk at night with Girl Person has been special lately. I’m a little tired from all these pills, so after I get cleaned up, they walk to the lake and Brickle gets to relax a little. I’m ok with that. Because I get to take a nap in peace.

You see, for me, I’m positive I’m here for a long time. And so is the Sheriff. And that means the persons need to catch on too. If you’re having a pity part of sorts, maybe it’s time to walk out. And then grab some bread and butter. We have a long walk to go.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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