This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Yesterday was a very long and a very hard day. I’ve never been so exhausted. Watching someone you love go thru something I think is harder than actually having to go thru it yourself.

Brickle was strong. He was mighty. He was an absolute champion. But he would have been my champion no matter what. Because he tries. Because he’s my brother.

I listened to all of the conversations that the persons were having with the vet person. And everyone seemed to want what was right and good for Brickle. I knew that.

But hearing the scary words like cancer and bones and pain were not an adventure I wanted Brickle to go on. And the persons had to make many choices.

One of the main choices they had to make was whether to take out part of his bone and jaw and gums and teeth. The other choice was to start with a biopsy and X-rays of his mouth and the lump monster. But if they did that, and decided to get the other done after the biopsy results, there would be two surgeries. They didn’t know what to do. So the vet person gave them some time. There wasn’t a right or wrong choice. But they had to make THE choice for Brickle.

So they decided only for the biopsy because they were very nervous about a drastic surgery, his pain and the anesthesia. We have to wait for 7-10 days to know the results of the biopsy.

When we got Brickle home, he didn’t know where he was. He’s having trouble walking and with his balance. But he did eat a little and the crying has stopped for now. Brickle may be tough. But we want him to enjoy life. Not tough it out. The choices the persons make from here on out will be with him in mind to help him enjoy each day. Not tough out each day.

We know that some may have made the choice to take out the bone and teeth. And that wouldn’t be wrong. But for Brickle it was. Never make a decision based on what someone else thinks you should do for your dog. Do what you know is best. Because you know your dog the best. A vet person may have knowledge. But you know the heart and soul the most.

So what happens now? We wait for Brickle to recover and rest. We wait for the biopsy results to see exactly what the lump monster has done. And we also are finding out about other treatments, consulting an oncologist person and helping Brickle with pain management until we know who the lump monster is. We also have been told of new treatments that aren’t so painful, and that we are looking at too.

I know it’s hard to wait again. But this is a choice we don’t have. We can choose to encourage Brickle and take care of him while we wait. And that’s a pretty good job for me. I’ll take it. Can you help me with that job?

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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