Suggestion Box For The Adventure Of A Lifetime


You have all asked.  How can I make a suggestion for a place I think you should visit on your Adventure Of A Lifetime? We think that you should be involved in our trip, because, well, this trip is our gift to you!

So here’s how its going to go down.  We will be endeavoring to hit all the 48 contiguous states in one year.  That means we will be arriving approximately at one state a week.  One week before we arrive in each state, we will put it out to you, our fans for suggestions on hiking places, dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and yes, shelters or rescue organizations in that area.

But you say that you just can’t wait.  That’s understandable! We are excited too!  So in the comments below, feel free to tell us what city and state you are in and YOUR recommendations!  And then, make sure you follow our trip starting in May 2016.  We will need your help to make this adventure one of a lifetime! We love you fans and thank you for all of your comments and tips!



47 thoughts on “Suggestion Box For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

  1. Beth D.

    Next time you visit Virginia, you need to visit FOHA (Friends of Homeless Animals). They even host a Barktoberfest in the fall in Leesburg. They are a wonderful rescue and have done so many great things for animals in Northern Virginia.

  2. Please visit Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue in Sioux City, Iowa. It is a foster based rescue that fights for the underdogs-the sick, injured, old, thrown away-the ones nobody else wants- they heal them, love on them and find them homes. Run by volunteers that go above and beyond often times having their hearts broken for example when a puppy with parvo doesn’t make it, or one that has been hit by a car could not be mended, but also many happy times too by giving a loving touch to a dog who has never experienced a soft hand or got to sleep in a bed with a human let alone inside a house. Truly amazing what this group accomplishes.

  3. I sure hope y’all come through the Fort Worth area. We have several amazing lakes in the area; the Nature Refuge (with trails), and amazing food! There are loads of places to catch some.culture and catch a bite to.wat. eslecially Sundance square whwre pups are welcome. Besides, then they coukd meet Sabrina my seizure alert dog who always needs a few more dog friends.

  4. Lin Bowman

    When you get to Oregon you should visit Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene. You can learn more about them here: There’s a nice dog park in Eugene at Alton Baker Park, near the University of Oregon. Also, there’s a great website & app at that can help you find dog friendly stores, restaurants, attractions and hotels as well as dog parks in the US, Canada and abroad.

  5. Peggy LaLonde

    Colorado also has the Wildlife Sanctuary near Hudson & incredibly wonderful superb wine in Palisades in the west slope…..I highly recommend the Ice Wine! Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is a great place too…

  6. Carole Craddock above left awesome suggestions for Kentucky. I also want to suggest the Paris Animal Welfare Society, which is located just 20 minutes or so from the Kentucky Horse Park. I hope to meet you all when you come to Kentucky. I love reading about your adventures :-). Safe travels!

  7. You have already visited the 1st State – Delaware! But, we like to travel too! When you get to Colorado (Divide), definitely look up Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center! What they do is so awesome!

  8. gretzmom

    Colorado Springs, Colorado! We have Bear Creek Dog Park. It has bathrooms for persons too Sheriff! Great hiking and shelters that would love a visit from you! My dog Tucker came to me through Grrrr-Golden Retriever Rescue! Have a great trip and many great towns in Colorado would love to see you all!

  9. Carole Craddock

    When you come to Kentucky you should visit the Kentucky Horse Park! Brickle, there are lots of horses to be arrested, many of them retired racehorses. It is in Central Kentucky, just outside of Georgetown, KY and Lexington, KY. Be sure to contact the Scott County Humane Society, a very small humane society located in Georgetown. There is also the Bluegrass Senior Dog Rescue based out of Lexington, KY, and quite a few other organizations dedicated to finding homes for dogs, cats, and even bunny rabbits! This is a nice central location with a very nice campground, perfect for your RV, and the location of several horse-related events as well. The Horse Park Campground is pet friendly, and there is even a pool for girl and boy persons! They may allow the fur babies since they are such superstars!! Please contact me if you want suggestions of where to visit here in Kentucky, I’d be honored to help in any way I can! BIG FAN, IN LOVE WITH THE SHERIFF AND DIGBY TOO!! (not to mention, girl person and boy person are awesome for the work you guys do bringing awareness to the public about homeless pets)

  10. Mary McNew

    Farmington Pet Adoption Center is a no kill shelter for dogs and cats in Southeast Missouri. They are always full and very limited resources. Their shelter is attached to a thrift store and all proceeds from the thrift store go back into care for the pets but it never covers it all I’m sure. My family and extended family always adopts from them. I know they would appreciate a visit from y’all. Now our surrounding area is full of beautiful state parks, hiking trails, rivers, and streams for the boy and BP. For you GP, there are wineries with very excellent tastings. Maybe pull the treat wagon into Hawn State Park, check out the trails and beauty there, then head over to Farmington Pet Adoption Center (about 20 minutes from the park) and then head to tour and do a tasting at the Ste. Genevieve winery and check out the town’s beautiful historic district.
    (Check out Hawn state park)

  11. Nancy St. John

    Kinston, NC
    I wish you could come to our home town. We have some very dedicated people that work endlessly saving & transporting critters from our shelter every day. Every weekend the shelter van is taking dogs & cats to various rescue groups in eastern US. Kinston is a small town with some nice shops & museums. We even have a brewery and a DOG PARK!

  12. Leigh Walter

    If you make it down to South Alabama, our Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores has miles and miles of walking trails and a great dog park at Lake Shelby.

  13. Crissy Sullivan

    Dallas, Tx!!! We have plenty of dog parks and even mutts cantina. Plus many many shelters y’all could help attract attention to 🙂

  14. Chloe wynkoop

    Come visit us in Toledo OH. We have the best dog park Glass city dog park. I will introduce you to my buddies. The Mud Hens host a ballgame for our shelter. Hounds and Hens. We eat hotdogs. The persons play with the ball and stick. May 29th. Licks and wags.

  15. Roxie

    When you arrive in Minnesota MN, come to Red Wing and hike Barn Bluff and our other nice park then to Chuck and Dons pet supply and then to Red Wing Humane Society. Have a very fun and safe journey.. Mankato MN has outdoor restaurants for dogs and their peeps.

  16. Ashley

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa would love to have you visit! We have so many great rescues, including my favorite, Last Hope Animal Rescue – It’s such a fun city, plenty of adventures for Brickle and Digby and lots of great wine, craft beer and amazing food for Boy and Girl Person 😀

  17. Shiloh

    South Dakota:
    The Oglala Pet Project does AMAZING work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Definitely could use the help. AND while you’re here check out Rapid City/Black Hills (near Pine Ridge) — so many awesome things to do that are pet friendly. Blog.VisitRapidCity.Com has a post highlighting some of the things to do. Mt. Rushmore doesn’t allow dogs IN the park, only in pet areas outside the gate. Reach out if you need anything!

  18. Iris

    When you guys are in Washington state, don’t forget to try out some of the dog friendly trails in the National Forests. We also have many city parks that offer beautiful semi- hiking trails. And don’t forget about Greenlake. It’s a beautiful lake with beautiful scenery. Basically, everything about Washington in beautiful.

  19. Sara windsor

    I’d like to invite you to visit Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka, KS. Helping Hands receives 30 to 50 animals per day, and that is a lot for our small city. We would welcome a chance to share our mission and goals with you.

  20. Donna Wiles

    I live in central Illinois and would love for you to come visit us in Bloomington- Normal. We have a rescue in town called Wishbone Canine Rescue and they take in all kinds of dogs from many places. They have the largest foster families group in the state and for the past 2 years running they have helped over 600 rescues find homes- that’s 600 per year!!! It would be great to meet Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle , Deputy Digby, Girl Person and Boy Person and to see your traveling home !! Hope you have a fun filled trip with the furkids and come see us and all the corn and soybean fields in our area.

  21. Veronica Caine

    Please come to Kansas City, MO! We have an awesome shelter, Wayside Waifs, that does amazing things for the pooches. They have lots of fundraisers and do a wonderful job. That said, KC Pet Project is underfunded and under-represented. Take a look at them: — it used to be the city shelter and more dogs were euthanized than anywhere else. Some nice people came in and re-structured the place and now it’s a no-kill shelter, probably the biggest in the area. Love you guys and can’t wait to meet you!

  22. Barb Romick

    Sure hope you stop in Wheeling, West Virginia. We have a nice shelter, but could always use help getting the word out to “rescue.” Also, our dog park construction is not moving along well; it would be great if Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and Deputy Digby Pancake would make an appearance to help move the construction along (right now, it’s just an empty field).
    Remember – Wheeling, West Virginia

  23. Christina Hedrick

    I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and there are a TON of fun things to do here! There are several shelters in the area, as well as the humane society. The boardwalk is great to checkout, and dogs are always welcome! And of course, lets not forget about the beach! Hope to see you out and about on your Adventure of a Lifetime!

  24. dogluv55

    I’m in Colorado but there is a tireless rescuer named Marina Tarashevska and she works in and around Dallas, TX, which has a horrible stray dog problem. Many dogs are used for fighting and then are dumped (dead or alive) all over the city. Her group is Dallas Dog RRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform. I hope you’ll connect with her while in Texas. She does wonderful work and could really use the publicity.

  25. Kathy nelson

    In Wisconsin there is a wonderful organization called DCSD (Door County Sled Dogs) they are not for profit organization that not only is a dog rescue for artic breeds but also an educational group that enlightens owners of the.responsibilities of dog ownership also….they are a wonderful group if you are interested finding out more about them they have a Facebook page and also a website….Great organization. I sponsor several pups and love the updates I het…Enjoy your trip and remember happy tails to you all drive safe or the sheriff will be arresting….

  26. Carla McGee

    When you two sweeties and GP and BP of course come through Alabama I know of a wonderful rescue for you to visit!! It is called HASRA which stands for Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt. It is in Killen and the lady gets these sweet fur babies by mainly pulling them out of the Florence Animal Shelter and brings them to her place and finds them homes and transports them all over the United States!! No matter how long it takes she loves and never gives up till all those babies have their fur ever families!!! Would love to see you here, lots of great state parks to camp at while here!!

  27. Kristie Carter

    As a former GA resident, I recommend a stop in or just outside Atlanta. Maybe Kennesaw. You can climb Kennesaw or Blood Mountain, and visit a number of awesome rescue sites:

    Fulton County Animal Services
    Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue
    PAWS Atlanta
    or Ford, Abby and Sally’s fave: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

    If you need a human day to do some sightseeing at the Aquarium or World of Coke the boys can have a day of play at Wag-a-lots or Pets on Ponce.

    So. Incredibly. Jealous. Keep living my dream life guys!!! 🙂

  28. Marilyn

    Congratulations on the big purchase! My suggestion is to add your “make rescues a breed of choice logo” and 2 Travellings dogs to the sides of the bus. You know, like rock and roll stars do… 😀 cuz you kinda are stars! Happy travels, can’t wait to follow along on the blog!

  29. Please come to Billings, Montana. Help for Homeless Pets is an Awesome no kill Shelter & is run by my dear friend. It is only 50 miles from Red Lodge which is a gateway to Cook City & Yellowstone National Park. The the Beartooth Highway is breath taking. Its famous. Red Lodge has camping & hiking galore. Its right in the Beartooth Mountains. Billings is the biggest city in Montana & has every amenity you could ask for! Please. Oh please come here!

  30. Gale

    I would love for you all to come to Dallas Texas. We have great dog parks and the central area including Downtown, is dog friendly. We even have a trolley that runs through this area that allows our pups to ride. One of the main reasons they ride is to go to a fabulous park in Downtown. This park has a dog area, hiking, biking, food trucks, family friendly and many activities for everyone. I know your family would love the trolley ride and the park has many places to explore and sniff.

  31. Patty Larson

    When y’all are in Montana, try to visit in Choteau (nw of Great Falls). Bright Eyes is an all-volunteer, no kill animal care that is all-volunteer. Choteau is a very small town (just over 1600 people in 2013). It is quite a remarkable facility considering it is run completely on volunteers & donations. Looking forward to your great adventure!

  32. Buttons and Lola

    On your new journey the difference you boys will be making friends Who rather need you and God sending you guys to fulfill your life mission. Love buttons and Lola.

  33. La Donna

    We have a humane society in my small town called Union and that’s where we adopt our fur pups! it breaks my heart I can no longer help take dogs in and foster them or keep them. We found a stray pup who had been severely abused and she’s not so friendly 🙁
    We love her to pieces! Anyway if you happen to come by my small town please stop by the humane society here and make their day!
    I hope you are able to make a stop through this state! Safe travels sweet boys and GP,BP!
    Lots of love to you all!!

  34. Chicagoland has Felines & Canines, the shelter where I was adopted by my sweet pup. F&C routinely makes rescue trips to rural KY (high kill state) to pull as many dogs as they can.
    Maybe you could even meet them in KY then come north and follow their trail from rescue to happy ending.
    If you needed anything while here, from a kitchen to a doggy date at Lake Michigan, mi casa e su casa.
    Safe travels wherever your hearts take you.

  35. Deborah Jackson

    Please visit Noah’s Arc Animal Sanctuary in Rockford, IL. They are an amazing no-kill shelter, and they get the job done with donations.

    Plus, I would love to meet you all🐾🐾❤️❤️

  36. Allison

    Make sure to add Shennadoah nat’l park (VA) to your list! Most dog-friendly trails in the nps (we’ve been to 19 parks)! Beautiful and a lovely part of the country esp in the fall.

  37. Lynn Jovick

    I’m from Michigan (the mitten state) -close to Detroit- there are so many neat places to see and things to do – you can take a walk on the riverfront and see Canada across the river! Cool huh !! And maybe visit with Detroit Dog Rescue or Detroit Pit Crew Rescue- these 2 non profits rescue dogs and puppies from the streets of Detroit and help find them homes .. They both rock- of course we have a humane society too- you might have to stop and have a coney dog at National Coney Island or atleast girl and boy person can ! Michigan is a beautiful state in the summer and there are many dog parks too – there are many restaurants that allow dogs as long as the outdoor patio is open- that would be cool to be able to have dinner with you !! I would like to do that if you come to Michigan !!

    1. Gena Baldwin

      On your way toward Detroit remember “There really is a KALAMAZOO ” We will get you both a T shirt to wear while you are welcomed by the several shelters in our area. Sight seers will bring donatins too.

  38. Patricia Miser

    I’m hoping you can come to Slobberfest in July! It is just outside of Erie, PA. Slobberfest is all about Droopy Basset Rescue! It is a great day of fun, with games, food, and lots of droopy basset hounds. I live just a few miles away in Corry, PA and we would be happy to accommodate all of you! We live on 5 acres of land out in the country. Have lots of room for dogs and persons! Fun will include a pool and a hot tub for the persons to relax! (Oh, and did I mention lots of wine?) you boys would love it here! Then we could attend Slobberfest and join in all the fun there! I’m also a great cook and make the best peanut butter cookies and PANCAKES! Hope you will be able to come!

  39. Rachel Dewstone

    My city is San Jose California
    We are a pet friendly city .
    In san jose ,pets are welcome and pets are welcome in most nursing homes for the elderly
    I will make a list for you tomorrow

  40. Katie Waterman

    I know you will only spend on week in each state but remember: Texas is a big state. Lots of places to see: If you are on the “40” route in the northern part: Palo Duro Canyon is a must!!
    Midland/Odessa (my old stomping grounds) is going through some massive changes due to the oil industry but there is a really cool park in Monahans that is nothing but big sand dunes. Spent a lot of my time there growing up.
    The hill country and area has a lot to offer: State parks and lakes. I live in San Antonio which has to Alamo, the River Walk and lots of parks and a few dog friendly eating spots. We also recently went to a 90% No Kill rate which was wonderful to achieve. We have numerous rescues here that all work with our local shelter to keep our euth rate down.
    Once you get your route down I will be more that happy to gather information for you for anywhere here in Texas.

  41. Yvonne

    Of course I would love for you to come to my state, love to meet y’all. But my suggestion, you all hit some small town shelters. Cause no one ever hears about them. They do good things just like the big city shelters.

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