South Coast Humane Society, Brookings, Oregon

For us, which rescue to pick for #47 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime was an important one. We wanted to show our fans that even in areas such as Brookings, Oregon, which is a small community in numbers and size, that animal rescuers are making a big difference!

What do you think that the definition of a community is? For Brookings, Oregon, located in Curry County, their community is made up of people as unique and special as the coastal views there.


Their coastline is generally acknowledged as one of the most pristine, rugged and accessible coastline on the West Coast.


But for us, what impressed us the most was the animal rescuers here who work together in different ways for the animals.  In the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me, you will not only learn how to protect yourself from Bigfoot, but you will find out how the South Coast Humane Society proves that when you work together as a community…even a small one, the different you can make is huge!

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It has surprised us in some states that we visit how few shelters there are. That doesn’t mean that there are less animals that need help. But it does mean that the shelters and rescues there often have very large areas to cover. According to their website, the South Coast Humane Society is a “non-profit serving Curry County since 1992.”  They are “committed to the ethical treatment, health and placement of animals in the community.”

IMG_5453Are you helping to support animal rescue efforts in your community? Every person who chooses to help matters. And as we stepped inside the front doors of the South Coast Humane Society, we knew that the people here in this community of Brookings know that!

IMG_3594Every single person here, whether young, or not so young, is an important part of helping the animals and the community that needs them.


Beyond the doors of the shelter, as we walked the harbor in Brookings, we came across one of the most unique and caring facets of the South Coast Humane Society.
In 2002, a generous lady named Clara started feeding the over 20 cats here in the harbor.  The Port Of Brookings gave permission for this colony to remain, and also allowed the South Coast Humane Society to feed them, take care of them medically, and also allowed for them to provide protection with little cat houses.
Every day, despite the weather or other circumstances, these cats are monitored, fed and taken care of, while allowing them to live their lives in the colony and environment they want to be in.
As we were staying in the RV park at the harbor, we witnessed this volunteer effort daily
Nearing the completion of this trip which we have been on for over a year, we are tired.  We have seen many good and bad parts of animal rescue, and we are weary.  But to see this community genuinely care for these cats in this way, we were renewed in spirit
Reputation is everything in the animal rescue community.  And as we spoke to residents and tourists alike in Brookings during our visit, one fact shined thru.  This community appreciates the South Coast Humane Society, so much so, that other residents have taken it upon themselves to feed and take care of another colony of cats nearby on the South Jetty here.
A close knit community knows that it cannot rely on one group to do everything.  So the other, long time colony of cats adjacent to the harbor here are also taken care of.  The South Coast Humane Society appreciates their efforts, because they cannot do it alone.  And we think that this in itself is a beautiful way the South Coast Humane Society shows how special that they are.  They accept help, because it is not about egos in the animal rescue world. It is about helping the animals and in turn, people.
One of the most giving ways that The South Coast Humane Society helps the people in their community is by offering a Wellness Clinic on the first Saturday of each month, and also a Spay and Neuter Clinic on the second Saturday of the month.
They found that people were simply unable to afford the rising cost of proper care for their pets.  With no questions asked, they offer these services at great rates thanks to the generous spirit as well from local vets.  They provide these services in their shelter, providing a convenient and familiar place for people and their pets to come.  Their hope is that they can help everyone involved live a healthier and happier life.  But they cannot do this without donations and volunteers.
One of the ways they fund the operational costs of their shelter is by their pawsome thrift store!
Sales at the SCHS Thrift Store (located in Harbor on Highway 101 South) cover about 60% of the shelter expenses. All profits made at the thrift store go to support their animal shelter. How fun is this?
With changing times, shelters and rescues must change the way they operate periodically.  By purchasing this building and opening this thrift store, they are working at providing a long term and lasting way to help the animals who so desperately need them like Samson, who you may remember from the video above.  Samson has had a hard life, and would love to be the only dog in a loving household.
We spent half of our day speaking with board members, employees and volunteers at the South Coast Humane Society.  What are some of the ways you can help SCHS if you are far from Brookings, Oregon?
We saw numerous volunteers coming to walk dogs, taking care of daily chores, and providing the most valuable thing to a shelter animal…love.
For every animal in their care, one thing stood out to us.  This community needs them. And we all need to learn from them.  They have had internal changes and reorganization.  But the most successful shelters and rescues often reevaluate needs, changing for their community.
On state #47 of our trip, we are weary and we are tired.  But we know this…that the animal rescuers in our country deserve recognition for all of the things that they do on a daily basis.
From everyday duties of animal rescue like laundry, cleaning and paperwork, the job of a rescuer often comes with little thanks.
But every job counts, every person counts, every rescue counts and every shelter counts!
The community of Brookings, Oregon is no different than many other places across the country and beyond.  With hard economic times for some, an aging elderly population, and breed restrictions in housing, the people here need the South Coast Humane Society.
Why did we choose to devote so much of our energy and time to travel across the country for animals and the people saving their lives?  Someone saved Brickle and Digby.  And we wanted to say thank you.
The people behind the South Coast Humane Society deserve to be recognized.  With a friendly staff that welcomes every one who walks thru their door, they are truly making a difference.  They show that when you care for your community, the people and animals, together, you can make a difference in a very big way.  Are you supporting those in YOUR community working hard for animals?
When animal rescue seems overwhelming, remember that it takes only one person to turn an animal’s life around.  There are good people left in our world.  Are you one of them?
We want to thank everyone at the South Coast Humane Society for welcoming us and being our #47 rescue visit on this Adventure Of A Lifetime!



The South Coast Humane Society is a 501c3 organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

Mail donations to SCHS, PO Box 7833, Brookings, Oregon  97415

Visit their thrift store at 16094 Hwy 101 South, Brookings, Oregon  97415

Visit the shelter at 828 Railroad Street, Brookings, Oregon  97415




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