Last month, we were sent a message from the folks at Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel asking us to review and try out their product. Yes, we get a lot of invitations like this, but this product caught our eyes…and Brickle and Digby said yeah, ok. Will they send some peanut butter cookies too? Pancakes? When can we take a nap? Hike? Dog Park? Ok, ok. After our review.
2 Traveling Dogs, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake live up to their names. Traveling is part of our daily routine with exercise that includes hiking, swimming, running and dog park visits.

With all this exercise, accidents do happen, and we have to be prepared. Even the best dog parents can’t protect their furkids from the occasional mishap. So it’s essential to be prepared to help your dog if the need arises! Let’s do this dog parents!
Take for example the beach. Since we are currently in Florida, the beach is one of the boys’ favorite activities! But our dog beach has many rocks. It seems inevitable that they will run on these rocks or even shells and cut their paws. With cuts at the beach comes the risk of infection!

Then we have our daily hikes. Every day, we hike at least 3 miles and have been doing this since both Brickle and Digby were rescued. Exercising with your dog keeps them young, active, and fit. But being active means you will experience the occasional accident like tripping on a rock, getting cut by a branch, or running into poison oak or poison ivy.
Even dog park visits can cause injuries to your dog. The occasional scuffle or rough play can cause cuts on the ears, paws or skin. Is any place safe?

Wow. Writing this, I am beginning to wonder how we have survived so far! Living in Florida also brings us an additional risk of burns, skin irritations and bug bites. I think we need to stay indoors. Just kidding! Never! But Digby Pancake will take a nap now…
Living life to its fullest doesn’t come without risks. We realize that. So we started bringing with us a product that would help our dogs if the need arose. We were asked to try a product called Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing Gel. The package states it is for topical management of minor cuts, lacerations, abrasions, 1st and 2nd degree burns and skin irritations. Yeah, that fits us! We were more than happy to try this product out. But we had to know what was in it first.
As you know, Brickle and Digby only eat the best home-cooked meals and even our flea management is done by natural means. So using a product for our family means it must be natural. And this is very natural! What is in it?
Silverquine is a water-base hydro gel wound dressing for use in moist wound care management. It contains silver that may help inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the dressing. Water based? Silver? Tell me more…
Their website states: “Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing is a new, unique, nano-particulate based silver that is very different from the synthetic antibiotics used for the past 80 years in the animal arena. Our technology is ALL NATURAL and contains no alcohol or synthetic chemicals that inhibit stem cell activity or epithelization. In addition, the silver in our animal wound dressing gel is not just another silver. Silverquine Animal Wound Dressing consists of silver nanomolecules (less than .015 micrometers in size) with an interior metallic silver and an exterior of ionic silver suspended within a water molecule.”
Wow, is this amazing or what?
How do you use it? I don’t like complicated things. And I don’t have the time with all this exercise!

Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the wound.
Carefully clean the wound using soap and water or an appropriate brand of wound cleaner.
Dispense Silverquine onto an appropriate clean applicator such as a tongue depresser or gauze in a sufficient amount to liberally cover the wound. Cover the gel with an appropriate secondary dressing cover such as a gauze bolster, dressing wrap, film or non-woven adhesive secondary dressing.
To us, one of the best attributes of this product is that it has been evaluated in standard tests that show it can reduce the level of common microorganisms including staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, MRSA and VRE, fungi such as Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger. Whoa, that is a a lot of complicated words for things I never want my boys to contract! How many tubes of this can we carry at once?!
I know you will want to go to their website directly and read all the interesting data. Love their website!
We hope that Brickle and Digby’s active lifestyle reinforces our belief in this product. We needed this in their lives, and ours, and are happy to have been given an opportunity to test it out. Ok, ok…Peanut Butter Brickle looks less than enthused. That’s normal our fans! You love him…you know it…
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