Shop For A Black Rescue Dog On Black Friday At Camping World

The Camping World Black Friday Sale Starts November 17th and runs thru December 11th!

Did you know that dogs who have a black coat are adopted less than dogs of other colors?  Why is this? Some potential adopters associate the color black with evil or misfortune (similar to the common superstition surrounding black cats), and this bias transfers over to their choice of dog. Of course, black dogs deserve to be adopted and loved just like any dog in rescues and shelters!

So we came up with an idea on this upcoming Black Friday.  Since Camping World is offering 20% off of all dog products, this is the BEST time to shop for a black rescue dog and deliver them to your nearest shelter or rescue! THE SALE RUNS FROM NOVEMER 17TH TO DECEMBER 11TH!

So Brickle and Fruitycake picked out their favorite Camping World products!

Camping World

Etna Portable Pet Steps

The Portable Pet Steps feature three integrated steps that allow smaller or older pets to easily access seating areas to make the most of the time they spend with you. The steps are constructed out of durable plastic and non-slip surfaces so your furry friend can climb with ease. The steps fold flat for storage and for convenience when traveling. Some adopters may be reluctant to adopt an older dog.  These steps make traveling a dream come true for traveling dogs and help the potential adopter know that their are products out there to make their lives easier as well, and they can continue to travel.

Carlson Large Portable Dog Bed

When we first met Brickle and Digby at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, we noticed the cot style dog beds which provided comfort from a cold, hard shelter floor.  This would be the perfect gift to bring to your local shelter for all the pups!

The Carlson Large Portable Dog Bed was created for easy transportation, making this pet bed ideal for camping and RV travel. The elevated cot-style bed is covered with strong canvas and includes a waterproof nylon liner for simple cleanup. Perfect for medium to large size dogs, the bed features a durable metal frame that is easy to set-up and stow away.

Spunky Pup Pup Links Dog Treats, Chicken, 4 oz.

Treats? Who said treats?  Please…go to your nearest Camping World or shop online for ALL the treats! Pup Links from Spunky Pup are Jerky Tender Dog Treats with a soft, chewy texture and meaty flavor your dog will love. Meat is the first ingredient, and Pup Links contain no corn, gluten, grain, soy, or wheat. Great for training or as a snack, Pup Links can be broken into smaller pieces. Resealable stand-up pouch keeps Pup Links fresh between snacks. Made in the USA.

Wonderfold Outdoor P1 Folding Pet Stroller

As our Digby got older, he still wanted to go on walks to sniff and see, but his legs wouldn’t cooperate.  This pet stroller from Camping World would have helped us so much.  Some dogs don’t like to get their paws wet, and some elderly ones may be encouraged to adopt when they can get a bit of assistance with helping their dog get some fresh air!  Imagine donating this item to a local shelter and having it come with a rescue dog of your choice!

The multifunctional Wonderfold Outdoor P1 Folding Pet Stroller helps you create special memories with your furry loved ones. This pet stroller is designed to enhance safety and functionality.

The stroller frame is made of high-quality lightweight steel tubes with excellent vibration and impact-resistance. The carriage is made of Oxford cloth and tear-resistant nylon mesh, with odorless fine texture which is soft and waterproof. The one-hand reversible handlebar allows you to push your pet while keeping an eye on them.

Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash, Lime/Green

When walking our dogs at night, especially dogs that are black in color, this rechargeable leash will provide safety to you both.

The Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Leash opens a whole new world of nighttime visibility. Two ultra-bright LEDs send light through an integrated optical fiber to create full-length illumination so bright you need to see it to believe it. Featuring the convenience of rechargeability and easy push-button operation, this leash glows for more than six hours on a single charge. Optical fiber technology transmits light throughout the entire length of this eye-catching leash without loss of light output and offers both constant glow and flash modes. Featuring a comfortable, padded handle with a built-in anchor point, this highly water-resistant leash is made to last.

There are many ways to shop for shelter dogs and your dogs at Camping World.  Shop inshore or online! We love the online exclusive products like the Pet Grooming 2-in-1 Brush and Blow Dryer.  Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for the black dogs who often are overlooked for adoption.  And it is the perfect time to give back to your local rescues who do so much.  With 20% off all dog products, your donations to these shelters will go further and be so appreciated.

Camping World has been a supporter of 2 Traveling Dogs for years. Our full-time RV traveling lifestyle enables us to put a positive spin on animal rescue.  We thank them for all that they do for our family and for so many other causes!

Camping World

Remember that local shelters and rescues are always in need of blankets, dog beds and towels! All of these products in cute designs are also at Camping World! So fill up that cart, have fun and make a difference on this Black Friday!

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