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On our Facebook page, on a daily basis, we are asked, “what kind of harnesses do Brickle and Digby wear?”.  Let us tell you!

First of all, we travel.  Daily.  Hiking is our life, what keeps up happy and what keeps us healthy.  We want Brickle and Digby to live the longest lives possible, and so keeping active is a priority.  But keeping them safe is another priority as well.

Being a rescue dog first and a foxhound second, Digby has a tendency to run off.  With his nose to the ground, he has been known to run for miles and yes, he doesn’t listen to come back.  After a very close call of never finding him again after he escaped from another harness, we knew we had to make a change.  And that is when we found Ruffwear gear.

Our favorite Ruffwear product? Paws down, the Webmaster Harness.


Ruffwear explains it this way:

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is a supportive, multi-use harness for dogs built for maneuvering and assisting dogs up and over obstacles. The Web Master is the preferred dog harness used by many avalanche rescue dog teams in the United States. This harness makes a great collar alternative and is ideal for hiking, scrambling, and mobility assistance.

We cannot sing its praises enough.  From countless trails, road trips and adventures, this harness has proven its durability and safety to our 2 Traveling Dogs.  We use this harness numerous times, seven days a week.  And it never seems worn or faded.  Do we recommend Ruffwear products?  We absolutely do.

Where can you find the pawsome products of Ruffwear? Visit their website at  And if you are specially searching for the preferred, Webmaster Harness, go to

You have followed our adventures for 4 years, and we hope to continue our journeys for many years to come! Thanks fans and happy traveling!

-Girl Person


2 Traveling Dogs received harnesses in exchange for an honest review.







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    Hello, I’m trying to find information on the Dog Back Pack you have on Pinterest. A big dog is carrying a little dog on his back in a back pack.

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