Presents To Pick For Your Pup!

If you ask Brickle what his favorite activity is, you may be surprised to learn that shopping is at the top of his list!  

And any time of year is a good time to pick out presents for our pup!

This year, we headed to the nearest Camping World to let Brickle and Fruitycake do some shopping.  

It really is their favorite store to shop at because the employees are always so welcoming to them wherever we go.  They especially liked meeting Chief at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina location.

If your dog doesn’t have his own credit card, you will have to pay.  But with so many sales this time of year, Camping World has you covered.  

We let Brickle and Fruitycake pick their favorite products this year. So here is the 2 Traveling Dogs Presents For Your Pup Guide! But we highly recommend that you take your dog to a Camping World near you to write her own guide!

Oxygenics ShampoochPro Handheld Pet Washer

We hike a lot.  We go to the beach a lot.  We get dirty.  A lot!  To keep our RV clean and our truck clean, the dogs need a lot of baths!

That is why we love the Oxygenics ShampoochPro Handheld Pet Washer.  The best part to us is the feature to add your own shampoo to the water because who has enough hands when you are washing a dog?!  Yes, the dogs put this on their list because bathtime should be relaxing and enjoyable for you both.  Who said massage?  Yes. We said it.

The days of dreading your pup’s bath time are officially over. The Oxygenics ShampoochPro is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand to make bath time easier and less stressful for you and your pet. Your favorite pet shampoo can be added to the water with a simple flick of a switch, saving your hands for more important things. Rinsing is a breeze too. With the extruded rubber nozzles, dirt doesn’t stand a chance. The gentle rubber nozzles massage into your pet’s fur to produce a calming effect as well as penetrating thick coats for a deep clean.

The ShampoochPro Handheld Pet Washer has three convenient adapters that allow you to wash your pet indoors or outdoors. Add to that five spray settings, an extra-long 96″ hose, and a durable mesh storage bag, and you have the perfect combination for a stress-free bath for you and your pet. Finally, an easy-to-use, all-season pet washer.

Carlson Large Portable Dog Bed

We recently got to try out this bed and we feel like it was made for Fruitycake.  

With so many allergies, even though Fruitycake loves being outside, it is important that we do not let him lay in the grass.  

This dog bed is elevated and not only it is comfy, but it allows for quick set up and pick up on moving day.

The Carlson Large Portable Dog Bed was created for easy transportation, making this pet bed ideal for camping and RV travel. The elevated cot-style bed is covered with strong canvas and includes a waterproof nylon liner for simple cleanup. Perfect for medium to large size dogs, the bed features a durable metal frame that is easy to set-up and stow away.

The next items on our list were each picked by both Brickle and Fruitycake.

Brickle’s Pick:

The Disc-O-Bed Dog Bed

Brickle’s favorite spot when we are camping to relax is in the shade.  He loves to be outside, but the sun bothers his eyes.  So he picked the Disc-O-Bed Dog Bed! It has a canopy!

The elevated Disc-O-Bed Dog Bed offers your pet maximum sleeping comfort wherever they may go. Based on similar design attributes as the Disc-O-Bed bunk system, the Dog Bed gets your pet off the ground for a safe, sturdy, and comfortable sleeping option with a weight tolerance of up to 200 lbs.

The Dog Bed offers quick and easy, no-tool assembly and fully disassembles for storage and transport. The optional canopy offers added protection from the sun, and the breathable Textiline mat assures your pet will rest easy while staying cool and comfortable indoors or out.

Fruitycake’s Pick:

Helios Weather-King Ultimate Windproof Full Bodied Pet Jacket

It is no secret that Fruitycake HATES the rain and he hates being cold.  

So it was no surprise that Fruitycake’s present pick was a full bodied pet jacket! Windproof and waterproof has him covered…literally!

The Heliosdog Weather-King Ultimate Windproof Full Bodied Pet Jacket is Inner-lined with exclusively developed Blackshark Heat-Retention Technology that reflects and maintains your pet’s body heat back into the body. This innovative fabric is Lightweight, Waterproof, Impermeable, Windproof, Snow proof, Breathable, and Tear-Resistant while Retaining any lost body heat during those frigid weather conditions. Additionally the Helios Weather-King Jacket Features a Waterproof treated Lightweight Polyester blended Outershell with added proprietary coatings that add the to durability of the Outershell.

There are so many options for our dogs at Camping World this year!

Presents are the best, and when they are for our pups, there is no better feeling.  Plan a day to take your dog to Camping World, pick out some presents, take a hike, have a good meal and cuddle.  

Don’t wait for that so-called Bucket List to make your dog’s life great.  Start today at your nearest Camping World or online!

This post is sponsored by Camping World, but all opinions are our own.  And Brickle and Fruitycake’s…