Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, Chichester, New Hampshire


It was a hot, summer day in New Hampshire when we decided to visit Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester with Brickle and Digby. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with beautiful, expansive scenery and fields of horses and animals simply enjoying their lives. Something this simple struck our hearts immediately and we felt refreshed.


Teresa Paradis and her husband Jerry are the heart and soul of this heaven on earth for animals, on an over 70 acre piece of property. The pride that Teresa feels in her mission here is apparent. From relating her life experiences to us and what made her start this place, to the goals she has now, she started this place to be in it for the long haul. And she has accomplished what she has due to dedication, resilience and an unwavering determination. As a young girl growing up in very challenging circumstances, she found HER refuge in helping animals. She explains on her website how this wonderful place came to be out of a place in her heart.


“As a young girl growing up, I had two dreams. The first was to have a permanent place to call a home of my own. The second was to work for an animal rescue – one that would take care of, help and save horses. So, many years later, with endless hard work and struggles, I have gone beyond my wildest dreams and founded Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. The Farm is a nonprofit, 501C-3, charitable foundation that rescues, rehabilitates, and offers sanctuary to animals – mainly horses. The Farm is a place of peacefulness where people can come to interact with the animals. They learn while helping the needy, but loving animal friends of Live and Let Live Farm.”


Live and Let Live Farm rescues animals in need of a safe and caring environment in New Hampshire, other New England states and throughout the country when possible. They average 65 horses with many other animals as well, including dogs, cats, goats and birds. One of their fortunate animals? Meet Crooked Bill.

Why did we feel immediately that this was a peaceful sanctuary? Not only do they rescue these animals, but they strive to rehabilitate and retrain their animals. Many animals that arrive here have been through horrible experiences for long periods of time. They undertake the job of building their confidence, self-esteem and to build a relationship with them that not only benefits their animals, but people too.


Recently, Teresa has been involved with a horse rescue that many would have given up on years prior. You can read all about it here. 


We spoke to volunteers here who find enrichment from this sanctuary. Having gone through life troubles themselves including deaths of family members, they find peace in this place as well by helping animals that need them. Can you perhaps find a place like this where you live to help heal as well? We loved this unexpected realization on our visit. They have so many volunteer opportunities for every age. A rescue and sanctuary this big does not operate on its own. They are always in need of volunteers to help feed and care for the animals and with the endless upkeep and maintenance of the rescue.


Teresa explained to us the reasoning behind one of her concentrated efforts, to rescue pregnant dogs. Many of the nation’s pregnant dogs who end up in the shelter system are often first in line to be euthanized. Teresa believes that she can of course save more lives by rescuing these dogs and unborn puppies. With dogs as far away as Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, they have a network of volunteers across the country who bring the dogs.  But is this a simple feat?  It is a very difficult process.  There are vaccines, paperwork and quarantines.  If a pregnant mom dog gives birth before she can be transported, they all have to wait eight weeks before being moved.  It is mind boggling the work this takes. So if you are looking for a puppy, chances are, Live and Let Live Farm can help you with that! All animals deserve a forever family.


Then she so graciously played a variation on our weekly game of “Stop Hounding Me” as we changed the name to “Stop Horsing Around!”

Is this place special? I doubt we need to tell you that it is. It would be impossible for us to relate all the many stories and the unique animals that touched our hearts here.  Please read more about this rescue and its founder, Teressa Paradis at


We thank them for taking time out of their very busy schedule to show us around.  Brickle and Digby also thank Teresa for a fun golf cart ride!


Thanks as always to the generous companies that donated to our weekly rescues, Your Dog’s Diner, 4-Legger, SqueakNSnap and Bowser Beer

View their adoptable animals on Petfinder

Learn about their many programs at the farm

Make a difference by volunteering and fostering 

Keep up with events and happenings on their Facebook page

Live and Let Live Farm, Paradise Lane, Chichester, NH  03258


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