In Italy, Part Seven

I’m not sure that this week could have gone any slower. Some days without Nate here with us in the states felt like forever.

But the six hour time difference prevented us from talking a lot. We were both just trying to get thru the day.

He was trying to find out all of the information he could on the little house in Italy. I was trying to comfort the dogs while worrying about him. I would prefer that he doesn’t travel alone again anytime soon.

He missed a flight on the way there. He slept thru a flight at the gate on the way back. He got lost in the woods following footpaths to the airport in England. He really needs to not travel alone! Although I know he is more than capable of navigating across countries, the stress has affected us both with trying to make decisions not only for us. But also for our dogs.

Brickle has had a rough time the past week. And I didn’t know if it was because he was sad over Nate being gone. Or something else.

And we have made some decisions we will discuss next week. I’m beyond stressed not because of doing the right thing for Brickle. But I just don’t know how it all will work out. And I have to pull myself together to think. To clearly make plans. To concentrate. To not let self doubt get me like it has my whole life. My whole life. I am capable to figure all this out. I have a partner who is capable as well. And together we will do what we always do. But not only will we get thru this bump in the road, but it will be amazing.

Nate is finally home. Tired from not eating right and sleeping with a paper towel pillow. Tired of trying to learn another language.

But we are also happy to be together again and to travel like we’ve never traveled before. With a positive attitude and belief in ourselves.

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Stay tuned. Next week is gonna be…a lot.

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