How Is The Cell Signal?

This special blog post is sponsored by our family at Camping World. But all opinions and experience is our own.

In over seven years of full time RV travel, one question we hear most often about places we visit is “how is the cell signal?”. Why do we get this question so often? Because even in many parts of the USA, getting a good cell signal is still an issue for travelers.

We also work remotely. I was not prepared for the inconvenience of having absolutely no cell signal and having work deadlines. For twelve years, it has been our privilege to update our blog every weekday.

So many times, when we would arrive to a campsite after a long day of travel and find we had no cell service, I would hike to wherever I could find even one bar.

I’ve hiked up to the top of mountains, I have driven over an hour to upload a social media post or video, and I have spent countless time stressing over not being able to meet work obligations.

We support ourselves financially on the road. It’s not a question of being able to “just enjoy nature” as others tell us to do. It’s our livelihood. A cell signal is our livelihood and feeds our dogs.

Without a cell signal, we are also unable to coordinate our animal rescue work, monitor fundraisers for the rescues we help and we are unable to network animals in need. So you might say a good cell signal is lifesaving.

So when Camping World asked us to try out the KING KX3000 Extend Go Portable Cellular Booster, we agreed.

Because even an extra one bar of cell service can save us hours of time. And that means more time with our dogs.

Why is this cell booster so great?

Updated to reach cell towers up to 74% farther, the KING Extend Go boosts and extends personal LTE / Cell signals up to 32x, providing greater coverage and speeds while supporting multiple users. The KING Extend Go Booster works with all U.S. carriers and does not require an extra monthly service fee. Powered by WeBoost, the KING Extend Go has been independently tested, delivers proven quality, and is trusted by first responders on the job.

Ultra compact for easy travel, the Extend Go includes a carry bag, 12V and 120V power supplies, and multiple antennas. Ideal for RVs, tow vehicles, cabins, fish houses, and everywhere, the Extend Go sets anywhere with a foldable tripod.

We do everything online. We make campsite reservations, we get driving directions and we have so much research to do for each area. All of this is impossible without cell service.

The best campsites we have stayed in around the country have ironically always had the worst cell service! Many times, we would have have a dream destination and campground in mind. However, we would read reviews online and see the horrible feedback about cell service. Before the KING KX3000 Extend Go Portable Cellular Booster from Camping World, we would pass up the opportunity at our chosen campsite. Now, we don’t have to.

Once you purchase the KING cell booster, you don’t have to worry about monthly fees. There are none! And we carry it with us in that handy case. So if we need to film in a remote area on a hike, we can take it with us easily.

• Ultra compact, fully portable package
• Includes carry bag, 12V and 120V power supplies, and multiple antennas
• Sets up anywhere with foldable tripod
• Extended cell phone coverage reaches towers up to 74% farther
• Works with all US carriers
• Reliable signal and faster data
• No additional contract
• Boosts voice and data range
• No internet required
• 5G-ready / 4G / 3G voice and data coverage
• No monthly fees
• Supports multiple users simultaneously

How do cell boosters actually work?

The KING website explains. Cell phone signal boosters work by picking up existing outside signals from the nearest cell tower through an outdoor antenna, passing the cell signals along through a signal amplifier unit, then broadcasting them through an inside antenna. KING signal boosters take low or moderately usable cell signals and turn them into a usable signal, allowing you and your whole family to stream, make calls, and surf the internet. Our cellular signal boosters work to amplify 5G signals, as well as 4G LTE and 3G LTE.

KING cell signal boosters do not require an additional subscription or plan, they work to boost the signal for your existing cell plan. Signal Boosters make it easier for multiple users to access a stronger cell signal and faster internet connection.

And don’t forget when you need to make a call or have an online meeting. We have to keep up with family members and friends on the road. We also have to speak via video chat. This product makes that all possible.

So don’t suffer with horrible cell service. This is an investment not only for those who work remotely, but for those who want to make the most of their travels! Get to traveling and stop the cell service struggle with the KING KX3000 Extend Go Portable Cellular Booster from Camping World!

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