Hope For Life Rescue, Virginia Beach, Virginia

From the first moment you step inside this beautifully kept rescue, you know you are somewhere very different. And that you are somewhere very special.


Hope For Life Rescue is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This small, close knit group of volunteers accomplishes big things for the animals in this community. Just the night before, Pilot N Paws delivered a sweet girl named Gloria to their care. About to be euthanized and needing medical care, this rescue agreed to take her in. They proudly say that they are “pro life” and let you know immediately that the animals entrusted in their care will either be adopted or live out the rest of their lives with them.


Their website states, “At Hope for Life, we are a PRO-LIFE organization committed to the rescue and placement of abandoned, abused, neglected and left behind street animals. Because we are a street rescue, we often see abused and severely neglected animals. It is not our normal practice to take owner release animals unless they are being abused or neglected.”

What makes their facility different? As soon as you walk in, you will see cats AND dogs roaming freely together! No cages here! It was so clean, I have to say, I was so relaxed that I wanted to take a nap and stay awhile! Their Hope Center includes six rooms designed with tempered glass for animals that need their privacy due to behavior or health issues, and two large dog runs. They don’t believe in caging animals, so their rescues either free roam or live in beautifully decorated glass rooms until they go to their permanent homes. They pay for all medical expenses including the spay/neuter. Yes, they do it all and they do it all in a wonderful way.

How do they fund this amazing operation? One of the ways besides donations is running Hope’s Garden Resort just a few doors down. A boarding and daycare facility that truly is a blessing to this community. They are a private organization and get no city or state funding. All proceeds from Hope’s Garden Resort & Boutique go directly to support the mission of Hope for Life Rescue, a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and placement of homeless, abused, and/or abandoned animals.

One of our favorite realizations on this Adventure Of A Lifetime is that there are people in this world trying to make a big difference in their communities and beyond for our animals.  It is easy to get caught up in everything wrong in the world.  But when you stop for a moment and realize that there is a good and fun side of animal rescue, it makes the task of helping less overwhelming.  And for these animals at Hope For Life Rescue, we can only say how fortunate they are to be taken care of by such a special group.


If you find it in your hearts to make a donation or want to check out their Amazon Wish-List, they would be much appreciative!  Let’s show them that 2 Traveling Dogs fans appreciate them too!

Thank you Hope For Life Rescue for your hospitality and also for your patience with Sheriff Brickle and Deputy Digby while we were visiting!

Find their current list of adoptable animals like Marigold pictured above on their Facebook page!