Have A Pet Plan For Emergencies And Disasters

This post is sponsored by Pet Releaf. The mission of the Pet Releaf brand is to change what healthy means for pets.

I was born and grew up in Florida. I was used to the ever impending threat of hurricanes, storms and flooding.

We had a routine. Watch the news, panic, get supplies and decide whether to evacuate. Maybe you are used to different emergencies where you live like blizzards or volcanos. We have traveled around the USA numerous times with our dogs in an RV for over six years.

Since we have been to every state, we know that each area has a different weather threat or emergency.

Have you made a plan for your pet in case of emergencies or natural disasters? Now more than ever, it is important to do this. It can mean your pet’s life.

Emergencies don’t always give us time to prepare. So that’s why we must do it now. No matter what emergency you are faced with, there are some basics you can do ahead of time.

Pet First Aid Kit

A first aid kit for your pet needs the essentials like bandages, cotton swabs, gauze, tweezers, antiseptic, towels, syringe and medications. We do not leave out the Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oils for our dogs, Pet Releaf Edibites and Pet Releaf Skin and Paw Releaf.

Not only are these products a part of our daily dog supplement routine, but the Skin and Paw Releaf has come in handy for us in many emergencies like cut paws, dry and cracked pads and minor scrapes.

Travel during an emergency can be stressful on a pet as well. So having an extra bottle of their CBD oil on hand as well as a bag of Edibites are things we won’t leave out of our First Aid Kit. You may have your own suggestions based on your experience of what should be in this kit! Let us know!

Pet Records

Make sure to keep a copy of your pet’s vet records, vaccination records and medical history in your home and your vehicle. I also keep copies on my phone as well. Have your pet’s microchip number handy and don’t forget to update any information associated with the chip online ASAP.

Pet Insurance

Do you have insurance for your pet? Check coverage and limitations periodically. Have policy info and phone number available. If you don’t have pet insurance, now may be a great time to explore this option.

Pet Friendly Shelters

Sometimes, as much as we hate to, circumstances may force us to evacuate. Not all shelters accept pets. Research ahead what shelters accept your furry family member and policies. Also, having a pet boarding or daycare establishment that you trust can prove to be invaluable. Different pet friendly hotels or rentals may be an option to consider as well.

Checklist For Supplies

Make a checklist of supplies you may need. We like to have the following prepared:

A pet bag packed with extra medication, records, an extra collar and leash. Shelf stable food, extra water, toys and shampoo. Pet Releaf’s new line of shampoos are an excellent choice. Depending on the weather, we have a battery operated fan, cooling mat, blankets and dog clothes like shirts, jackets and boots.

Other supplies To Consider

Headlamp and flashlights

Light up collars and leashes

Food and water bowels

Before, during and after an emergency, make contact with family and friends to inform others of your location. Because we travel full time, we have enabled our location for certain family members.

No matter what kind of emergency or natural disaster we face, we cannot be prepared for it all. But because our pets are members of our family, we make every effort to ensure their safety. They rely on us.

Now is the time to get your pet plan in action.

Pet Releaf products can help your pet with situational anxiety like times during an emergency.

Making their products a part of your pet’s routine now will help to put them in optimal health in order to handle an emergency in the strongest way possible.

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