From Digby, With Pancake Love

This time of year is not my favorite! Although we miss Digby every day, I find myself missing him even more as the anniversary of his passing comes up on December 1st.

As someone who battles with depression, the emotions and feelings overwhelm me. I knew that this year there had to be a way to turn that negative energy into positivity. Why? Because that’s how Digby lived his life. He didn’t feel good all of the time. But he had a way of turning everyone else’s day around. And he deserves for us to honor him December 1st in a fun way. A delicious way. A giving way. All things that Digby held close to his heart. Will you help us make this happen?

On December 1st, we would love to make very special deliveries to the shelter where Brickle and Digby were adopted from and to another rescue that has helped us place dogs in need of homes that would have been euthanized. We will be making these deliveries in person and dedicating the day to celebrating Digby’s life in every way we can.

How can you get involved in Live Like Digby Day?

1. We need funds for pancake supplies, gifts and more. You can donate here.

2. Get involved where you live and bring some special treats to a shelter or rescue near you!

3. Buy a t-shirt to wear on Live Like Digby Day!

Simply put, we need your help.

In the next few weeks we will be celebrating with pancake recipes and other fun ways to honor our Digby Pancake who not only changed our lives. But helped to save so many lives by being an example of what a rescue dog can truly accomplish.

It’s the hardest time of year for us as we call to mind those last memories of losing him. But if we can turn our hurt into helping animals like Digby who were thrown away, maybe we can make Digby Pancake proud. Will you help us? Let’s do this!