Dr. Harvey’s E-Mune Boost


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some of you may remember, that at the end of last year, I was sick.  Yes, the Sheriff got sick.  I ended up at the Vet Person’s office and let me just say…the next part of this story is a shocker.  I had to have surgery because something was affecting my handsome.  This “something”?  Warts.  Warts on my mouth.  (Gasp!).  Yes, something had to be done.  But the Vet Person insisted that they check for the cancer monster.

After surgery and days of recouping and let me just say, things I don’t want to remember, it was determined that I had something called the papiloma virus.  Well papawhatever.  It put me through a lot of pain and needless suffering. How did I get it?  I guess that it’s kinda like cold sores in persons.  Puppies get it, seniors get it.  Who you calling old? I will say that I was happy I didn’t have to arrest the cancer monster, but I sure didn’t want this other thing coming back. Papawhatever.

On a mission to get me better, Girl Person started doing research. What that means is that she takes a glass of wine and sits on the computer, well, not literally, that would be weird, and she reads.  And sips.  And reads.  After many days of this, she decided to try something called Dr. Harvey’s E-Mune Boost.  Who is this doctor and please stay away from me and my mouth is all I could think.  But Girl Person told me this was something different.


Girl Person said that in order not to get back those dreaded handsome stealing warts, she needed to boost my immune system and get me healthier.  She said that we had a lot more hiking to do and years to do it and we needed to add something to my diet.  So here came the handsome potion. That’s what I call it.  Because it keeps away the warts.  (Gasp! Again).

Because I have an appointment with my mirror in a few minutes, I’ll just tell you what Dr. Harvey’s website says about this handsome potion and what’s in it.


Emune-Boost is a whole food supplement that uses powerful herbs known traditionally to help the body’s immune fighting abilities. These herbs are blended with whole foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals that may help enhance your dog’s ability to fight disease.


Spirulina, Lecithin, Nutritional Yeast, Garlic, Flax Seed Meal, Alfalfa Leaf, Kelp, Astragalus Root, Suma, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Oregon Grape Root, Dandelion Root, Fo-ti Root, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Pau D’arco, Rosemary, Ginger, Thyme, Turmeric, Red Clover Blossoms, Milk Thistle, Licorice Root


Directions (Per Day)
Mix with food. Dosage based on weight of dog.
2-20 lbs. – 1 scoop, 21-50 lbs. – 2 scoops
51-95 lbs. – 3 scoops, 96-150 lbs. – 4 scoops
This container holds approximately 76 scoops.
Each scoop is approximately 2600 mg.

Here is how Girl Person mixes it in with my organic red quinoa for dinner.  And she also adds it as shown to my chicken dinner with collard greens.  Yeah, its yummy too.  I have a very distinguished palate.

Ok, so listen.  I am not really sure why I am sharing with you the new secret to my handsome.  But truth is, and a Sheriff always tell the truth, that I am feeling so much better.  My energy level is good, my tummy is good and I have no warts.  NO warts! This handsome potion is the deal! Dr. Harvey’s E-Mune Boost is holistic, made in the USA, and just makes me feel and look better.  I can’t thank Dr. Harvey enough.  I never want to have surgery again.  And guess what? They have other supplements too! I love this stuff.


Now for a disclaimer.  I love it in my dinner.  But if you even try to mess around and put it on my peanut butter cookies, well, you. Are. Arrested.

Who wants to try Dr. Harvey’s E-Mune Boost?

Visit https://www.drharveys.com/products/dogs/161-emune-boost-herbal-supplement-for-dogs.

I do sincerely thank Dr. Harvey’s for their wonderful products. We promise to show you more of them soon.


This is a sponsored post and we received compensation in exchange for writing this review.   Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are our own.