5 Reasons You Should Rent Out Your RV

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5 Reasons You Should Rent Out Your RV

Buying an RV is serious fun! Deciding what RV fits your family the best is just the start. Should you get a motorhome, a fifth-wheel or a travel trailer? Picking out your favorite floor plans and options can inspire you to travel, and if you are like our family, you take your dogs to Camping World to tour the RV’s right along with you! After all, we know our dogs are the ones who make all the important decisions.

But what happens when your circumstances change and now your cherished home on wheels is not getting to travel as much as you thought? If you are not a full-time traveler, have you thought about renting out your RV? After speaking with so many of our friends, we were surprised to learn of all the benefits that can come from sharing your RV! So many people are curious about the RV lifestyle, but don’t want to make that commitment without trying out the lifestyle. You can help these aspiring adventurers, make extra income, and make new friends all at the same time! Here are 5 reasons that you should rent out your RV!


So many families have had hard financial times in the last few years. The stress of the pandemic and job losses have put many family vacations on hold. But renting out your RV to others is kind! Yes! It is an act of kindness! You can give other families and individuals the chance to see what life on the road is all about. Make a travel journal of places that your RV has been to, and your favorite destinations. Remember the first time that you camped in your RV? Remember the best times that you had? When you aren’t using your RV, you can make another person and even their dogs’ travel dreams come true. With Good Sam Rentals, renters can rent out RV’s for up to 30 days which is also great for families in housing transitions or even work assignments!

Your renters don’t have to worry about roadside assistance with Good Sam Rentals. Renters have 24/7 Good Sam Roadside Assistance access. And all Good Sam Rentals include insurance that covers the owner and renter, with three different levels of coverage up to $1M.

Extra Income

Time is money. And all of that time your RV sits unused is wasted income! For many who have had to supplement their income in the last few years, this is an easy way to do it. Renting out your RV is like having your own business but easier! You can decorate your RV like a hotel, or theme it with travel items you have picked up from the road. For aspiring, creative business owners, this is a side job that checks all the boxes and you are checking items off others’ bucket lists! You made the investment to purchase an RV. Let your investment continue to work for you. Use that extra income to take more trips and check off more items on your bucket list!

RV owners only have 5% commission fees with Good Sam Rentals, one of the lowest in the industry

Your RV Stays In Better Shape

An RV that sits without being used can lose value when infested with bugs, mold, or mildew. We learned this lesson the hard way. After leaving our RV in storage for over two weeks, when we came back, many, many bugs had made our home their home. A used RV is moving and being looked after. An RV not used can have leaks that go unnoticed, and maintenance that gets neglected. Show your RV you love it by letting it do what it was made for! Travel! Usage! Memories!

Good For The Environment

Yes, you can help the environment by renting out your RV! Renting your RV to others uses less resources when they do not have to buy another rig. Our family has been traveling the USA with our dogs for over five years now. We have learned the many ways that we all make an impact on the environment on a daily basis. Being in an RV makes us more aware of the trash we produce and all of the ways we affect wildlife by our actions. Use what you have learned to teach others when you rent your RV. Without a clean and beautiful environment to travel in, no one could use their RV’s! Leave tips in your RV when you rent it regarding recycling, trash, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and for dog travelers, let them know how important it is to pick up after their dogs.

Save On Storage Fees

No one likes to pay fees with nothing in return. Storage fees can be expensive. It may be risky to leave your RV unattended. But when you rent out your RV, it does not have to sit around. Instead of paying fees, make money on your investment! Depending on what climate you live in, you may end up storing your RV for six months out of the year. Let your RV travel somewhere warm for the winter, but don’t forget to layer on the sunscreen!

Now, the big question is, who should you trust to rent your RV? Good Sam Rentals!

Good Sam has provided outstanding resources and support for RV travelers since 1966.

Rental rates are completely up to the owner because it’s your business, and you make the decisions! You can raise or lower rates for holidays, weather, seasons, or demand. As you decide your rate, remember a 5% commission fee is collected from the total of the daily rate, delivery and add-ons. This covers all of the services like roadside assistance and insurance during the rental. Don’t wait another week to list your RV on Good Sam Rentals! Travelers and their dogs are counting on you!

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-Rachael Johnson
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