2nd Chance Furbabies Animal Rescue, Harrington, Delaware

When we made it to Delaware on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, we couldn’t have been more surprised.  Delaware is such a rural, beautiful area with people just as beautiful.  Driving out to 2nd Chance Furbabies Animal Rescue in Harrington, Delaware was an experience.  Long, winding roads full of farms and tractors in our lanes.  And then we came to the address we were given to find Amber at our picked, Delaware rescue. We weren’t sure if we were at the right place.  We kept driving, and driving…and then we came upon the most beautiful cabin too with two lovely women and many animals on the front porch.  Yes, we were at the right place.


We were greeted happily by many of Amber’s residents who welcomed us in a big way.  Brickle and Digby were happy to be here too with the land, pond and other animals there.  They relaxed right away when given kisses and hugs by Amber.  Yes, we were happy to be here too.


Amber told us that this rescue was new and that it had “taken off” very fast.  Why?  There is an immediate and real need in this community.  Dogs that are disposed of, mistreated and owner surrenders.  They are in desperate need of fosters at this rescue, and are hard to come by and keep.  Every rescue and town that we visit on our Adventure Of A Lifetime has different issues, and these issues that Amber is experiencing were heartbreaking to us.  We knew immediately that Amber was trying to save the world, the world of dogs and animals in this community, and she needed help.  We hope that this story and posting helps her get that help.

Amber and her volunteer Stevie told us stories of late night and middle of the night rescues, dogs found in horrid conditions and extreme “missions” they had went on to save an animal.  All the animals in the yard with us that day showed so much love and appreciation to be there.  With all the love and treats they can handle and views like this, we can see why they were all so happy.


One of the animals in their care looking for a home is Yuki.


Their Facebook page states, “Yuki is a 1 year old smart, beautiful, well behaved Akita. She is known to be our “prissy” girl. She keeps her self clean and petite being sure not to get her paws dirty or eat too many treats loaded with calories. She loves her chewy meaty flavored treats but will only eat it after she closely examines it to make sure it’s “good enough” for her lol. She is spayed, up to date on shots, potty trained and knows basic commands. Yuki is extremely loyal to her human. With the right leadership she has potential to learn great things. She is looking for a family who is dog savvy and will spoil her as the only pet in the home. Yuki does better with mature kids over the younger ones.” If interested in adopting please contact 2nd Chance Furbabies Animal Rescue for more information.

If you are in the Delaware area and can help foster, or come walk a dog or give a dog a great weekend in their care, won’t you contact them? Let’s help Amber save the world in her community with a little help.

Visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/2ndchancefurbabiesanimalrescue

Donate thru PayPal by using email address 2ndchancefurbabiesrescue@gmail.com or using the cell number 302 242 3019.  

2nd Chance Fur-babies Inc is a 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue committed to and deeply passionate about rescuing animals just when they feel all hope is gone.