To Each His Own

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There is a lot about Brickle that I don’t understand. But I respect him so much that I trust what he does is right…for him. Brickle is all about Brickle. And that’s what makes him the individual he is.

I am sure that he doesn’t understand me so much either. Now, I don’t know if he respects me. I don’t demand that because it’s not my role or my job.

But he does love me. And together, we make our world go round.

I hear persons all of the time who complain about how others live their lives. It’s not that I think we all should agree or even understand why some of us like what we do. Life shouldn’t be a battle to be happy.

We certainly don’t have to be rude about what others like. Or even try to change their minds.

For example, I love being inside in the air conditioning when it’s hot in this Florida place.

I like a comfy bed. I like to listen to classical music.

But Brickle likes to be outside no matter what. It could be raining. It could be 200 degrees. It could be zero degrees. He does not care. He is more comfortable being outdoors. Well. He can have that!

To each his own, Girl Person says. If we all liked the same things, there wouldn’t be variety. There wouldn’t even be choices. Imagine having to eat the same food or drink the same drink all of your life. Even if it was your favorite.

Some don’t understand why our persons want to move to that Italy place. But they still like the idea of them living their best lives. You see, you don’t have to understand. You just have to let others be who they are.

I love the idea of starting to travel again when Brickle feels better and when we get some news on his surgery results. But I also know he is enjoying life now, even with all this doubt over our heads, because we continue to plan for the future.

We continue to be positive.

It’s the way we want to handle it. To each his own.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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