There Is Only One Way To Understand A Bench

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. If there is one thing that makes me comfortable, that’s being uncomfortable.

I love hard places. I like being up high on my picnic tables.

I love to linger on things that others don’t appreciate. Like the bench at Gandma and Gandpa’s house.

I don’t think anyone has ever appreciated the bench as much as I do. Nor has anyone sat on it or slept on it for too long. I don’t know why. It’s quite a beautiful bench. Quite lovely.

There is only one way to understand a bench. And that’s if you sit on it awhile. It’s the same with decisions. It’s the same with unexpected news. Like the vet visit Brickle went on yesterday.

We got some news we weren’t expecting. And some problems that Brickle has and may have. Honestly, we need to sit on the news on this bench for a couple of days. Not because we are ignoring it. But we have to sit and think. Ponder. Think some more. And step back. And sit down.

There is only one way to understand a bench. And that’s to sit on it. When unexpected things happen we must not let emotions take over if we have to help someone we love. We have to be strong.

We have to be calm. And we sometimes have to sit on it and take one step at a time.

What I’m saying is that we are taking the day off today to sit on that bench. And we will explain more tomorrow. We love you all. And Brickle sure does too. Now. I’m going to the vet today as well. Oh joy. Stay tuned. And put on some happy music for us with those positive vibes.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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