Cold As A Corndog Tail

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve said many times before that I am a very attractive individual. It’s not a secret that many admire this unique, corndog tail of mine.

But as much as I know that I’m hot in good looks, this corndog tail of mine is getting cold in this South Carolina place.

Frozen, in fact.

And it is telling me that it’s time to head south. And I’m listening.

As much as I love the cold weather, the older I get, the more comfort I like. I’m kind of over roughing it. I’m kinda over trying to think warmer thoughts. If I’m uncomfortable, I need to be comfortable. What about you?

Sometimes it’s easy to talk ourselves into settling. Sometimes we have no choice. But if we can change something, what is stopping us from doing that?

Since our house moves, we are going to hook it up fo the truck tomorrow and move it. Apparently, there won’t be many warm places at the end of the week. But even a few degrees warmer will help.

This corndog tail is headed to that Savannah, Georgia place.

The last time we camped there, it was over a 100 degrees.

Now it will be not that. At all. But a change of scenery will also warm up my mood. And Fruitycake’s too. He has gotten quite used to a change in scenery and adventure.

Life is hard. Life can wear us down if we let it. Don’t settle if you don’t have to. It may take work to get more comfortable. It may take work and time to change. But if you think you are worth it, and you are, what is stopping you?

Listen to your inner corndog tail. And get to moving in the right direction.

Peanut Butter Brickle

2 thoughts on “Cold As A Corndog Tail

  1. Theresa Bates

    Yeah, Brick. You will need to take a Caribbean Cruise, or just go to Australia or South America or somewhere else at or south of the equator if you want to get warmer this week. Here in South Louisiana, we’re supposed to have about 72 straight hours of sub-freezing temperatures. We’re not ready for that. We don’t bury our water pipes very deep because we don’t get much freezing weather. We’ll have to be drawing a bathtub full of water before it freezes, then turn it off at the meter and turn on the faucets to drain the pipes. Sponge baths because at least we’ll be able to heat water. I already have several gallons of bottled water for drinking and cooking. I’ll have to get out the winter jammies and robe, winter socks, extra blanket, change from the lightweight comforter to the thicker one… and then after a week or so, it’ll be back up to nearly 70 degrees. It won’t be spring yet, but it will warm up. Just another winter weather pattern in South Louisiana. I’m glad you got that new house on wheels. I know it’s much warmer than the Big Blue Treat Wagon. You and Fruitycake snuggle up together and stay warm, and keep the Persons warm, too.

  2. Robin Farnell

    Yes we are in Augusta Ga, and it is29 right now, Christmas eve it will be 34 / 17.. yes sweaters and jackets and blankets…. enjoy Savannah Ga. Beautiful place, but if you walk on the cobblestone be careful it can trip you up I have the scar on my knee from it. Make sure to be careful GP

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