Where The Memories Live

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s the start of a new week. And yet, for me, the days and the weeks and the years go by faster than ever before. I’ve heard persons say that as you get older, time does go by faster. I never believed that until it was me that got older. And now I know.

We always think that we have plenty of time to do what we want to do when we are young.

But when we realize that we never have enough time, it’s like Fruity at dinner time. You try to eat it all up as fast as you can so that you can have more.

I’ve always had a soft spot for special spots. I tend to pick a special spot out at every place we visit. Although we have been traveling nonstop for many, many years, I remember every one of these spots. Even when the persons don’t.

This week, we are in a state park in Virginia and we have been here before. The last time we were here was 2018. We had the Big Blue Treat Wagon and we had Digby with us.

Persons want to think that us dogs only live in the moment. It’s easier for them to think we don’t remember the past or have dreams for the future. It’s easier not to feel sometimes when your own heart is aching so bad. Girl Person wasn’t even sure she wanted to come here again. But we did. And I remembered me and Digby’s spot.

Girl Person didn’t know why I wanted to go on a trail so demandingly. Why I had an agenda. But i wanted to go there. I wanted to remember when I was with Digby there. I wanted to tell Fruitycake about it it. The memories still lived there. And the memories always lived in my heart.

It is hard for me to miss Digby. And it’s hard for the persons. We each handle it in a different way. Honestly, I understand more than they know.

If you’ve never wanted to know just how much Dogs remember and feel, I can understand. It is a responsibility once you know it. But it’s true. We don’t forget who we have loved. We have memories. We care. We understand. Just in a different way.

If I would have known I would be at that special spot without Digby one day, I still would have wanted to have had that moment. Don’t discount moments and memories you can have because they will be hard to remember. It’s worse to not have the memory at all.

Peanut Butter Brickle

The #LiveLikeDigby Adoption Fund was started with generous donations from the good folks at 4-Legger and our friends…you!

Funds raised help hard to place dogs for adoption at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. We adopted Brickle and Digby from the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay and our lives were forever changed. Digby’s memory and legacy can be honored by donations to help other dogs in need. Funds go directly to the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay. Donate at https://hstb.givecloud.co/product/LiveLikeDigbyDonation/live-like-digby-adoption-fund-donation