Two Dogs In A Cornfield

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I have been many places. I have seen many faces. Sure, none of the faces have been as handsome as mine. But I do remember each one.

You may feel ordinary sometimes. I know that I do. Imagine how many dogs there are. What makes me different? What makes me special if there are so many dogs? What makes you special is there are so many people? We are both like an ear of corn. Yes. Corn.

As Fruitycake and I were hiking thru a cornfield in this Virginia place, I looked at the corn. There were probably a million ears of corn.

But the corn I was standing by was different than the one Fruity was standing by.

The ear of corn a mile down the path was different than all of the other ears of corn.

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Girl Person picked an ear off of the stalk. She peeled it and looked at it. There were some kernels missing from the top. It wasn’t ripe yet. She pulled another one off a stalk. It was broken. It had a worm in it. But it was still an ear of corn. It was still useful in a way. Just different.

Just like ears of corn, we are different because of what environment we are in. Different because of circumstance. We are so unique. We are so special.

Even though there are so many of us, we are all needed. We matter.

That ear of corn mattered to the bug, didn’t it? Even though it was damaged, it was still valuable.

Two dogs in a cornfield may be so different like me and Fruitycake. But we both made it there at the same time. At the same place.

We matter to each other. And you matter to me.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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