If You Really Love Me

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you tell others that you love them? How often do you say it?

I must hear Girl Person tell me she loves me about a million and one times every day. I never get tired of it. But I pretend that I do.

Digby Pancake hears it just as much from Girl Person. But the other morning when he was sleeping and Girl Person told him, it scared him. He was having a bad dream. And he barked at Girl Person and really scared her!

Love can be like that. We may be reluctant to tell someone we love them because we’ve been hurt before. Did you know everyone has been hurt before?

Telling others how we feel may not come naturally to us at all. I get that.

But without love, feeling love and showing love, who would we be?

You persons have an extraordinary gift. And that’s you can voice your love. Be honest about love. Let it mean something. Let it guide you. Say it if you can.

As we get ready to go to the shelter visit this weekend, we are definitely letting love guide us. Why? It’s not so easy putting your heart out there and feeling so much.

It’s not easy to go beyond our own little world and help someone else or show them we love them. But just as your family and friends need to hear and feel your love, so do strangers. Use your gift. Say it. Show it.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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