If A Hummingbird Snores

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Do you snore? Do you know if you snore? Do you deny it? I can’t.

Snoring is my deal. I’m very good at it.

Put me and Girl Person in the same room and it’s a symphony no one would pay good money to go to.

But have you ever thought about a hummingbird snoring? Did you know that they do?

Well, I didn’t know either. Neither did Brickle.

Seems to me that something so small could be overlooked. Like a hummingbird snore is less important than my snore. Why would that be? Because of size? Or because we don’t want to think about it? Probably that.

You see, if we give value to the small things like hummingbirds or butterflies or roaches or ants…what will that mean? Caring. Valuing life. Realizing that it’s our job to respect their life and take care of them when we can.

Ignoring a hummingbird’s snore is the easy thing. Ignoring mine? Not so much.

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I’m not saying that we should worry all day long about everyone. But I am saying that we should stop when we can and acknowledge. Learn. Admire.

Because we are all smaller than someone else. We are not known to everyone. And if no one recognized our value, how would we feel? Do hummingbirds feel? Do dogs feel? That’s up to you to form your opinion about that.

But if you say that they don’t, well, consider why you feel that way. And I suggest taking one hour to watch one. And then let’s talk again. After my nap.

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One thought on “If A Hummingbird Snores

  1. Yes, I snore. It’s loud and I’ve even startled myself awake a time or two. I used to deny it vehemently, because what female wants to admit she does what is stereotypically a male oddity? I wonder what sex that hummingbird was…. 😉

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