Your Museum

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. We are enjoying our time in this Pennsylvania place. It’s nice to be under a big blue sky, have cool weather to go to sleep to and good food in our bellies. Even if it is Shoo-Flea pie.

We took a walk yesterday thru history. We got to see an old mill, a covered bridge, an old tavern and part of a train! Seems like all we do is learn, learn, learn.

Even though it was nice looking at all of these neat places, we had to remember that at one time, they weren’t museums. At one time, they were part of every day life.

People used these buildings, and they treasured them because they used them. But now? They aren’t being used in those ways anymore, yet they still have value. Because others can visit and can learn. They aren’t loved by the same people or in the same way. But they are loved.

What if these buildings just sat there and faded away just because they weren’t being used like before? That would be wasteful. They still have so much to give. They still have reasons to be here. Do you ever feel that if you can’t do what you used to do that you have no value? It’s time to remember that you are a museum too. What’s in your museum? Why should others come and visit?

You may have gotten older or maybe you went thru something in life that changed your life. And you remember how it was before. That’s only normal.

But when you remember that your value can change with time, you learn from your experiences and invite others to hear them.

Your beauty and worth doesn’t lie in just one time period of your life. Just like these buildings.

History is wonderful to learn about because it can make us better. Old buildings like the mill and the bridge and the train car may be museums now. And that’s a wonderful thing for us!

Be a museum. Show others what’s inside. Your museum is one of a kind!

But to do that, you have to recognize your worth first. Start today. And then put up your open sign. I’ll be waiting.

We will be here in this Pennsylvania place until Monday! And then? Wait and see!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Back by popular demand for one week! Our copper camping mug!

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