We Don’t Need That

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This weekend had a lot of stuff going on. Football.

And food. Food. Food.

When there is a lot of stuff going on at camp, sometimes it’s good. There is entertainment. There are fun vibes. And I always like fun vibes.

There is lots of food to smell. Laughter to listen to. And yet, most people were staring at that big black box they love. They even carry it camping and put it outside. They love that thing. They fight with that thing. They try to get it to work better by putting it in trees and on the ground and all around. Yep. Their TV thing is their baby. Their baby in a box.

Seems to me I have no time to mess with a TV thing. I have walks to go on and things to roll in.

Even if I decided I wanted to watch an all day pancake channel…which is that a thing…and if not why….well. Even if I wanted to, I could not. Because before we even started traveling, the persons took out those TV boxes. They said we had no time for that.

But when persons ask you about your TV boxes, and find out that you don’t have even one, they think that there is something missing. But little do they know that where the boxes were in the RV is now filled with more time for other stuff. It’s kind of a good feeling.

I don’t need an all day pancake channel when I can have a real one in real life.

That’s what I have a hard time understanding sometimes about persons. Why do you want to watch something if you have a choice and if you can do it?

Why is it more normal to watch a box outside than enjoy the outside?

Seems to me that time to actually live a life is short.

It’s fun to watch the box sometimes. But other times, think about what you would fill your time with if it wasn’t there. Would your time be spent seeing the birds or the clouds? Or is your time spent now watching bad news and people talking about the bad news? Is your time spent playing and loving on your dog or is it spent watching things that tell you they are more important? Because that’s what the box is telling you.

Those TV boxes? We haven’t missed them. We didn’t send out a missing report. Because what we found in its place was time and perspective based on what we see. What and who is actually around and with us.

You can always watch reruns on TV. But you only live your life once.

That black box? Yep. If you ask me, I’ll tell you. We don’t need that.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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