2 Traveling Without Dogs-Spaghetti With A Spoon, Day Two In Italy

Since 2011, we have brought to you a dog blog with new posts from rescue dogs Brickle and Digby EVERY weekday! This blog is the second in our series of “2 Traveling Without Dogs”. To see why we decided to visit England and Italy without the dogs this time, catch up now starting here! Brickle and Digby may be on their own vacation, but they decided that since we are giving them updates every day on our trip, they wanted to catch you up themselves. So sit back, relax, and travel with us on the second day of our journey from London England to the Cinque Terre in Italy. 

This is Digby Pancake.  It feels strange not to be using my title until the persons get back from that Italy place.  Brickle told me that since we were on our spawcation this week too that it was imperative I follow his orders.  My question is, if he isn’t the Sheriff this week, why in the world am I following his orders anyway? He said he might be on vacation, but his memory is not.  Point. Taken.

I am getting pretty used to this vacation thing so far.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy hearing from the persons every day.  And when Girl Person talked to me today, she knows what I like to hear about.  So she told me a story.  A story about spaghetti with a spoon.  I don’t even need a spoon, but that’s a story for another day.

First off, I enjoyed hearing about their London and England travels. But yesterday, it was time that they take off on another big bird plane and go to that Italy place that they won’t stop talking about.  They left early again, Girl Person said and barely missed the London rain as they walked to the airport.  After just a few hours, they landed in a place called Milan, Italy.  She did not discuss the food on the plane, but the only thing she said was that I probably wouldn’t have liked it the selection.  No.  Pancakes.

She said they made it to Milan, got their car, and headed to the Cinque Terre which was a three hour drive. 


Seems to me that they can’t get traveling out of their system.  She said it was really cold and raining, but the closer that they got to the Cinque Terre, the sunnier it got.  When I hear sunshiney, oh, that is always a good thing.  And I liked this place already.  Even though the sun was out, it went down very fast and it took them a little bit to find where they were staying.  

Girl Person said that they are staying in a house which is in a vineyard and olive grove. 


She said that they make their own wine and that the hiking trail is right out their door.  You know what else is right out their window? Oh, they can hear it.  But they are going to have to wait to find out. You see, Girl Person said it is so dark here that you can hear the sea, but you can’t see it, only when the moon light shines down on it. 


And yet, we will see tomorrow what their view looks like.  i can’t wait.  Actually, I can wait.  They are six hours ahead of us and I don’t want to be woken up too early.  


When the persons finally got set up in their room and parked their little car on a hill, they realized they had no water and no dinner.  They only had potato chips from when they stopped at the Autogrill on the interstate.

Well, that is not particularly acceptable.  At all.  So Girl Person made the suggestion that they walk to the nearest village called Corniglia. Maybe they could find some food there!


 I get kinda melancholy when I think about Girl Person taking walks without us.  Who will pull her down hills or pull on the leash, or pee on things he should not?  Who will bark at strangers for no reason, have an agenda on car tires and generally give her a good workout? Yeah, her walks in Italy must be pretty, pretty boring.  But dinner.  Yes.  They needed dinner.  So they put their shoes back on and started down the hill.  They had almost two miles to walk. And it was gonna be worth it.  They knew it.  It was very dark, so they decided to walk on the road.  You may wonder why they didn’t drive their little car.  Well, cars aren’t really allowed in most places around here.  And so they hurried.  They ran down that hill.  They knew what time most of the stores closed and they needed at least water. So they made it down that hill, and they had five minutes to spare.  But nope.  The owners had decided they were leaving early.  They must have a spawcation.  So what to do now?  They took a walk and saw a beautiful site.  There was a restaurant open!  But Boy Person had an idea.  They had a pretty lovely room back on the hill.  They could hear the ocean.  So maybe they could get their food to go!  I say food to go, food to stay, anyway you can eat, eat.  So Girl Person spoke her best Italian and they said they were happy to give them their spaghetti and soup to go. It would be ready in about ten minutes.  So the persons got really happy with themselves and waited.  Oh, this was working out just fine!

The persons went to get their food, and it was ready alright! They had it waiting on the counter for them! Oh, and it was ready to go.  They told them, just bring all the plates and bowls and tray back tomorrow.  They would be open at 7. I might be laughing about this with my inside voice.  Actually, they are far away. I. Am. Laughing! BOL! (Bark out loud)


SO. If you order food to go, and the restaurant makes it to go, and makes it beautiful and lovely with real, heavy plates and bowls. they might not understand that you have to walk miles back to your room with a view of the sea.  And that you might drop that tray of spaghetti and soup. And well, the persons said not a word, they took their food to go and make a decision. They would eat their food in the town square. It was gonna be perfecto! And they were so hungry.  Walking makes them hungry.  Walking makes me hungry.  Everything makes me hungry.  Hearing this story makes me hungry.

They sat down on a bench with their to go food and as Girl Person went to eat her spaghetti, she saw only one spoon.  No fork.  Just. One. Spoon.  What would she do? She knew it.  She thought of her favorite movie. The answer was there.

Now, when you are in Italy, and your Italian is cosi cosi, you don’t make an issue of no fork when you probably just should have eaten your spaghetti like everyone else.  So Boy Person said she could eat first with her spoon and he would eat after that.  Girl Person laughed how could she eat spaghetti with a spoon? But she was so hungry, she tried it.  And as she looked at her spaghetti with tears in her eyes, she said that.  That spaghetti was the best spaghetti she had ever had.

She ate her spaghetti like spaghetti should be eaten.  Enjoyed.  Appreciated.  And she said that she would rather eat the best spaghetti in the world with a spoon than eat mediocre spaghetti with a fork.  And I knew what she meant.  Even though I am on vacation, I will tell you.

Sometimes, some things in life are so beautiful, so wonderful…but it takes effort to enjoy them.  It takes work. Not everyone is going to want to do that.  They may choose something easier to like and enjoy, but then they may always wonder what that extra special something would have been. So if you are offered spaghetti with a spoon, and its the best spagettti, don’t pass it up for just any spaghetti with a fork because it is easier!

Do you have it in you to enjoy those special somethings? Don’t wonder! That plate of spaghetti may never come again. Don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad about eating your spaghetti with a spoon. NO.  Not even yourself.  You are worth it.

The persons are going to explore the Cinque Terre tomorrow.  What village will they like? What will they find?  We can’t wait to see!  Ciao bella!

-Digby Pancake

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One thought on “2 Traveling Without Dogs-Spaghetti With A Spoon, Day Two In Italy

  1. Jacqueline

    I laughed and loved this way too much!!! I’m so happy you’re both enjoying yourselves as only you two can!!! Love!!!!
    And your babies are soooo precious and will be waiting, along with the rest of us!!! xoxoxoxo
    I only know swear words in Italian, so……. 😀 Good Day!!! ❤ ❤

    ❤ ❤

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