All My Exes Don’t Live In Texas

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It is a long way to the New Mexico place.  A really long way.  Why?  This Texas place is ridiculously big.  Bigger than my attitude and that’s big. But not bigger than my handsome.  You already knew that despite the tail that always seems to try and hide my face. Seriously.



Now.  We know that this Texas place is hot.  We know it has a cactus or million that bite your butt.  We also know that it has wine and rivers and streams and bluebonnet flowers that should grow butter as per Deputy Digby Pancake’s suggestion.  It has some things I am not too fond of, but things I love.  But alas, I am going to have to leave them in Texas.

So although Texas is a place I would dearly love to be, I have to leave. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window of the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, I was sad that we were getting closer to crossing the state line.  I thought about all the other states we have left behind and how many states I have looked out this same window at.


Did I appreciate all those states and even all of the things that weren’t my favorite?  What do I remember about each one? The good or the bad? It is kinda like that with exes.  And well, all the states we have visited are now my exes.  I changed my number though, so don’t try and call. That means you New York. That means you Georgia.  And all the rest.


It seems that we don’t know what we’ve got till its gone.  That is a true story. It’s almost like when you see my corn dog tail and I walk away and you realize you may never see another one.  And you won’t.


I want you to think about something.  Because that is my job.  Look out YOUR window today.  What if this moment…right now…was the last time that you would see this view? What if this was the last time you would hear that bird or see that tree or see your house?  Would you remember the bad times or the good?


Our schedule since last May has been full of many goodbyes.  And every week when we wake up in a new place, it is exciting. But the goodbyes are hard. And we want all our exes to know…all the states and the rescues so far on this trip…39 to be exact, that we remember you. All my exes don’t live in Texas for sure.


Everyone look out your window today and tell us what you see.  What would you miss?  What would you remember?  And try not to think of my corn dog tail.  I know it distracted you.  Kinda like exes.  They try to get ya back.  But sorry Texas, we have to go.  New Mexico is calling.  It has my new number.

We hit the road today for another 300 miles in another Texas camp. Then we should be in New Mexico by Wednesday!  We can do this!! Are you ready to come with us?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Get Out Your Map. Fly When You Can.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We are enjoying our last few days in this Texas place. We leave this part tomorrow and start heading to somewhere called New Mexico. Where is old Mexico? Since everyone always thinks I am an old dog, maybe we should head there instead. Seriously though.  The next person that calls me old, I am going to make sure I pee on their foot. Then pretend I am so old I forgot I am not supposed to do that. IMG_5836.jpg

Girl Person broke the news that it is over 700 miles to where we are going next. It seems like a long way to go, and it is the furthest distance so far on this trip. But we aren’t going to think about the long travel days ahead. Why? We are very fortunate to be able to do this,  and won’t be able to forever. We learned this from a Texas dragonfly.

Yesterday, as we were picking up all of our camping stuff outside to prepare for the storm coming in, Boy Person found a dragonfly on the ground.  He looked at it very closely and realized that its wings were tore off, but it was still alive.  Now, if you know Boy Person, he has a soft spot for just about all creatures.  Don’t mess with the “bug cup” he keeps in the RV to get out bugs alive.  So when he saw this dragonfly, he picked it up, and the hurt dragonfly clung onto his finger and just wouldn’t let go.

This Texas dragonfly was at the end of his life.  And as Boy Person tried to research all he could on how to help him, he didn’t make it.  Even after the persons tried to feed him dead bugs with tweezers.  Even after they searched high and low for dead bugs, because you can’t kill one bug to keep another bug alive.  Why would you question that? Even after all this, he didn’t make it.  And I had to wonder.  Yes, I wonder sometimes. Did this Texas dragonfly fly everywhere he wanted to?  Did he live his life to the full? Have I? Have you?


One thing we have plenty of on this trip are maps.  Maps for campgrounds.  Maps for states. Maps for trails.  But there is no map for life.  Everyone of us has our own path and our own way to get to our happiness.  But if we waste time trying to make short cuts to places we know that we don’t want to go, we may get damaged.  But we don’t want to get damaged beyond repair like our Texas dragonfly friend. Because then it is too late.


Your map may not be one that has you to travel.  Your map may lead right to your comfy home.  But wherever it is that you want to go to reach your happy, do it.  Fly when you can, because tomorrow you may not be able to.

This Texas place has had a surprise for us around every corner.  From its wine to its rivers and streams this week, it has been a little peace of rest.

We have needed this rest and sunshiney.

But our map is taking us to finish this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We have nine more states and nine more rescues to go.  Will it be easy?  No.  Will it be full of mishaps and possibly setbacks?  We hope not, but yeah, probably.  But we are going to fly when we can, get out our map which is leading us to save more lives, and you are coming with us.  Are you ready?  It’s going to be a long drive this week.  But we can do it.

Needless to say, you need a lot of pancakes for a journey this long. And you also have to pace yourself. So we are going to take it slow. And that means as slow as molasses which is not as good on pancakes in my opinion as maple syrup. Actually, let’s just say that the fact is molasses is not the deal.  If there was ever a pancake expert, I am that.

We will miss our Texas dragonfly friend who taught us to live life while we can.  Fly when you can.  Get out your map.  You probably are the only one who knows how to read it.  Does your map lead to traveling? Does it lead to be with your family?  Does it lead you to IHop?  That all sounds good.  But start on the journey today.  Because it is never too late to fly.

-Deputy Digby Pancake