Eating Local

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. So. Where are we again? Somewhere called a Kansas place? Yes, that is where we are. It is hard to remember where we are half the time or more than half the time since we move to a different state every week. But we are definitely in Kansas. Yes, Kansas.

Yesterday, we kind of took it easy around camp. We hiked and ate and hiked some more and ate some more. We kind of like this Kansas place. It isn’t flat everywhere like people think. There are hills, and today, we are going to a place where they are. So make sure and look on our Facebook page for video and pictures. You know where to find us.

So, I mentioned previously and I am sure you took note, because I would, that we ate a lot yesterday. Well, Sheriff Brickle and I always look for the best local restaurants. Forget using that computer thing to find a good place. All we do is look down on the trails and eat local. Yep, we eat local. Local poop that is.

The persons seemed to be distraught on the trails yesterday. Trying to pull old poop out of our mouths. Trying to get us not to pick up the poop in the first place. Trying to tell us what to pick out on this Kansas menu when we have already picked out our entrees.

The persons said that was the most frustrating walk we have had in awhile. Well, if they would have called for reservations, maybe they could have got what they wanted to order too. They were so upset about the whole eating local thing that they vowed to not cook our dinner anymore. Boy Person said he would just save a lot of money and Girl Person said she would save a lot of time by just serving us plates of poop. Well, if it is local, I have no objections about that. Especially here in Kansas where they seem to know how to prepare the best entrees. It’s a shame that they don’t have carryout though or shipping available.

Have a great day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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