Welcome To Vermont!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake, and I will do the honors of welcoming you…to Vermont!  We pretty much like it so far, especially the wonderful people.  But our day yesterday was not without drama.  And we don’t like drama.  Who does?  Maybe actors or something.  Or if you like to watch TV with a big bowl of pancakes and or popcorn or both, then drama is good.

We left Maine, and reluctantly so.  I felt like I was getting up from a table at IHop. And that’s no fun.  The persons were a bit down too because this was the first state on our adventure that felt a little bit like home for some reason.  And knowing that this was the last time we would see the ocean for a little while was kinda sad.  You can take us out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of us.

As soon as we crossed the Vermont state line, our Big Blue Treat Wagon started trying to run away from us down the hills or something.  I guess it was all that thinking about maple syrup up ahead.  We pulled over for a little while, and all was good again.  But.  Then.  Some person who had their head in their phone thing decided that we must not be on the road. You know, it would be hard to see a giant motorhome pulling a Jeep.  NOT.  They almost ran into us and in the process knocked Girl Person on her hands who was getting up to get us a snack.  Boy Person turned whiter than white and Girl Person just was mad.  Well, we got over that.  Until…

You see, Sheriff Brickle is called the Sheriff for a reason.  For many reasons.  But one of his many talents is knowing when someone doesn’t feel good…whether that be sick in the head or just sick.  All day long, he stared at Boy Person.  He tried to sit in Boy Person’s lap.  He just was acting insane.  Finally, hours later, Girl Person remarked that something must be wrong with Boy Person.  Boy Person was worried too.  And then.  Boy Person went out for a bike ride when we reached camp.  He shouldn’t have done that.

When he came back, with bloody knees and bloody elbows from falling off his bike, the first thing he said was that next time Brickle looks at him like that, he is staying in the RV.  Well, seems to me that the RV is pretty sketchy too.  BUT Boy Person probably should not try to carry milk and eggs on his handlebars on a bike in traffic.  Just saying.

Anyway! That is all behind us now just like my pancake butt.  And today is a new day…in this Vermont place.  We are so ready to find out what it has in store for us this week!  On Wednesday, we visit our Vermont picked rescue in Springfield, Vermont.  We cannot wait to meet them and see what they do for the animals in this area.  Here we are Vermont! Nice to meet ya!  No more drama, ok?

-Digby Pancake

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We Will Miss You Maine!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle…and Maine…you are definitely arrested.  Why?  Because we have to leave and I don’t want to.  You are arrested until we can come back.  And I hope it is soon.

I am not speechless very often, but this week really has no words that are appropriate in my book.  To say that this Maine place was beautiful does not do it justice. And I am all about justice.  To say that it was magic really doesn’t fit either, because all of this Maine place, everything…was beyond that.



The water, the scenery, the lighthouse, the mountains, the food.  It was all good. But you are still arrested because I will miss you.  You tried to compete with my beauty…you almost won…


Yes, we are rushing on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, but I have made a note to come back here very soon.  Often, things that are surprises in life are the things that you need most.  Like an unexpected batch of peanut butter cookies.  Maine was that unexpected refuge for us.  Despite the week of getting yelled at by a cat mom, and yelled at by a mean woman trail monster, those are not the things we will remember, although they are totally arrested.  What we will remember is the way we felt when we looked at the ocean, the food we tasted at farms (can anyone say maple milk?!!) and the promise that someday we will be back.



With all that is wrong in our world today, there are many things still right, even in your own backyard if you take a minute to look.  Find an unexpected surprise today and allow it to touch your heart.


We are off to Vermont today!  Will you come with us?

We love you Maine.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle