Massachusetts Meltdown


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Massachusetts? You knew this was coming.  Especially after yesterday.  You.  Are.  Arrested.

Our day started off very well.  We had a day of rest the day before to get settled.  And we thought that we would just head to our shelter visit and then do some sightseeing. But Massachusetts?  You had other ideas.

Now, we have been places with a lot of traffic.  We lived in Florida don’t forget.  Plus, on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we even ran out of gas in New York City.  But Cape Cod, Massachusetts? Your traffic out does them all.  Again.  You.  Are.  Arrested. To add to your arrest?  You know what you did.

You tried to make us remember how hot that Florida place was.  We had kinda forgot.  Oh, but now we remember.  You were so hot that you broke our air conditioner in our car.  In the traffic.  And we got stuck for hours.  Hours.  Girl Person had what Boy Person called a meltdown.  A Massachusetts meltdown of all meltdowns.  I guess her crying and throwing water on us all was a meltdown.  Sorry to the cars next to us, by the way. No one probably knew who we were anyway, especially with a big sign with our faces on the side of the car…

You also made the nice people at the shelter place wait and that was not very nice.  But they were nice and guess what?  They even got us presents, and they had air conditioning.  Yep.  You aren’t gonna get us down!  Not after seeing a great place like that.  Did I mention that they gave me peanut butter cookies?  Yes, but still.  You.  Are.  Arrested.

Now, I am willing as Sheriff to lighten your sentence.  If you have people in your corner, like some of our fans that live here that will speak up for you, I may hold off on full arrest for a few days.  If they can write a letter of recommendation and let us know what we should see here in this Massachusetts place the next few days, I will reconsider.  I still am arresting you for yesterday.  But the penalty will be lighter.  I am a fair Sheriff, and a handsome one.  It will be up to the fans, Massachusetts.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


6 thoughts on “Massachusetts Meltdown

  1. John, Veronica and Beamer. Your camping neighbors at Holiday acres.

    Hello sheriff, one the greatest places in MA is Provincetown also known as P-Town. This is the tip of capecod. Do not forget to visit Boston (Bean town). Before you venture onto your next state.

  2. Joni

    So very sorry GP had a meltdown. She is such a sweet and kind person she shouldn’t have to face so many obstacles. Maybe she threw water to cool you down.

    Glad the shelter people were so kind and generous. Don’t arrest them.

  3. Margaret Arnold

    You could go to Wilbraham and visit Toby, my grandpuppy. Also it is a nice QUIET area, not too much traffic and a lot of neat things to see. (Besides Toby!)​ And good food – an unending supply of pancakes and peanut butter cookies. 💞

    On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 12:49 AM, 2 Traveling Dogs wrote:

    > 2 Traveling Dogs posted: ” This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. > Massachusetts? You knew this was coming. Especially after yesterday. > You. Are. Arrested. Our day started off very well. We had a day of rest > the day before to get settled. And we thought that we would just ” >

  4. Helen H

    Glad you are all safe and you made it through that awful traffic! Peanut butter cookies are yummy by the way.

    Looking forward to more adventures. Stay safe!

  5. Vicki currier

    Wow that Massachusetts wasn’t being nice poor girl person you know she just dosnt want anything to happen to you both I hope it gets better from now on I’m glad to hear that the shelter.was nice and cool we love you all be safe and I’ve never been to Massachusetts so don’t know were to go here in Mariposa CA it’s been so hot too for my baby’s all 12 but the is has been the coolest so far this week

  6. Nina Merklin

    Bwahaha!! I am sorry to laugh, but the water thing was hilarious. Love you guys. Travel on. Hope you make it to Phoenix!!

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