I Would Like To Order That


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am in a place called Massachusetts.  The Massachusetts place.  I just like saying Massachusetts and having Girl Person type Massachusetts. Massachusetts.  Bahaha!

So anyway.  Today, we have a full day, and I have a full stomach actually, because I ordered correctly.  We are first going to visit our Massachusetts, said it again, our Massachusetts picked rescue!  Then we are going sight seeing.  So I was thinking about all we had to do today in Massachusetts and I thought, self.  You need to fill that belly. Pancakes were good I had for breakfast, but really, I needed something else, and Brickle too.  So we talked about it and decided that on our walk this morning we would order some take out from the campsites people had left this weekend!  Genius!  Girl Person couldn’t stop us because every few feet we found chicken bones.  Then more bones.  Then cheese.  Then miscellaneous take out.  This place had good service.  Girl Person was grossed out and asked us why we refused in fact to eat our dinner of sardines last night, but felt that it was appropriate dining to eat trash.  I guess it just depends on your taste.  I like Massachusetts food great so far!

So, Girl Person? Although my belly is full now, you can bet that when it is time for dinner tonight, I would like to place another order in this Massachusetts place.  Do you know the number?

-Deputy Digby Pancake


2 thoughts on “I Would Like To Order That

  1. Karen Olson

    Digby I am with Nina on this one. Please be careful about what you eat
    I would be very sad if either you boys got sick while on your adventure of a lifetime. I don’t think an emergency trip to the vets is part of the Person’s plans. Love you guys! Stay safe

  2. Nina Merklin

    Digby, don’t you know chicken bones can perforate your bowel?? Seriously, be careful what you get for take out. Would hate for you to be sick

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