Nope. Now There’s A Problem.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let me start off by saying this.  The Sheriff and I are both arrested.  It is only because we have a job to do that I am allowed to write this blog today.

As you can see, we have a pretty good set up here at camp in Connecticut.  Apparently though, this trip seems to be catching up with us and the persons too.  We have been pushing ourselves a lot, and having a great time.  But due to the actions of yesterday, it has become apparent that we all need a bit of a breather.  So yes, the persons are arrested as well.

What happened?  Yes, I am getting to that.  First off, the Sheriff woke up in a very bad mood yesterday.  Girl Person knew he wasn’t feeling very well right off and made us rest the whole day.  I was also very tired and so I took advantage of Brickle’s bad mood too.  We have been on the road for about seven weeks now and it has been seven weeks of constant change and traveling.  Someone was really nice to Girl Person and bought her a massage at a spa yesterday.  She was so excited, but was nervous about leaving us with Boy Person for a couple of hours.  Yes, Boy Person takes care of us.  But not like Girl Person.  And we were not happy about it at all.  Combine that with Brickle’s bad mood and you had an equation for disaster.  There was about to be a problem.

So.  Girl Person called Boy Person on her way home.  She had stopped at a grocery store to get our dinner and the person wine.  Well, you cannot buy person wine in many places here.  And especially not grocery stores.  And so Girl Person was distraught.  What would she do?  She tried to stop at every store and no wine.  No wine.  She called Boy Person again while we were still waiting by the way, and said she would try her best to find some.  An hour later, she found a wine store.  She was happy, but we were not.  She had taken too long.  And we could tell time.  Believe me.

So she brought her groceries in and cooked our dinner, and we were mad it was late.  We were starving all because she got a massage.  Unacceptable.  We were eating al fresco and Brickle takes too long to eat.  So I decided to take a bite.  And all heck broke loose.  Now there’s a problem.

About once a year, Brickle and I have the fight of all fights.  And it’s loud.  And it sounds awful. And the whole campground heard it.  Girl Person was scared, she yelled for Boy Person who flew out of the RV.  We didn’t mean to hurt each other, but my ear was bleeding and Girl Person’s leg got caught in it and she started crying.  Can I buy her another massage?  Right about this time, Boy Person put Brickle inside and Girl Person tried to remedy my ear.  Then a camper walked over and asked if everyone was ok.  She thought a rabid dog had attacked us.  No, that would be Brickle.  And the persons tried to smooth it over, but they were upset.  Now there was a problem.

So Girl Person took us on walks separate and started feeling bad that she was punishing us.  So she took us on another walk together.  That should have been the end of it, and Girl Person thought it was.  So she sat in her unsturdy chair to relax a minute and that is when a camper walked by with a dog.  You can probably guess what happened.  Girl Person. Out.  Of.  Chair.  Again, can I buy her another massage?  Nope.  Now there’s a problem.

The campers looked at us in shock.  Girl Person put us inside and asked us why we were doing this to her? She said that she knew we were just being dogs, but we were really hurting her feelings.  She poured herself that wine that caused all the problems in the first place and went to take a shower in the quarter operated camp shower since ours is still broke.  Yeah, I thought I would throw that in because well, that is not our fault.

Boy Person told her to just relax and tomorrow was another day.  He said we all have bad days, even dogs, and we all have to be patient with each other on this trip.  Did we get our “presents” last night, our treats?  Of course we did.  Arrested or not, some things never change, and the love we have for each other doesn’t either.

Did everyone catch the persons first podcast?  Click here if you didn’t!!  

Have a great weekend everyone!  We love ya!

-Deputy Digby Pancake.




This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I realized something yesterday.  We are tourists or something.  It seems like wherever we go on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we kind of stand out.  I guess my handsome good looks and Deputy Digby’s cute factor is enough to throw everyone into a tizzy.  What a tizzy is, I do not know, but they are in it.

But anyway, everyone asks Girl Person and Boy Person if they can pet us.  And I like it.  I like it a lot.  Unless it’s a little person monster with flailing arms and foaming at the mouth, then I do not like it.  And persons ask us if we are service dogs with our harnesses on.  Girl Person always has a lot of explaining to do.  She likes to talk and talk and talk and tell them that we pull out of collars and this is how she can keep us from running away.  Well, up our peanut butter cookie and pancake allowance and maybe we would not do that.   So yeah, we kind of stand out like tourists.  Might as well be carrying a backpack through a city or something like we hike wherever we go.  This sentence is a hint to Girl Person by the way to get a purse instead of a backpack. I am also the fashion police.  My job never ends.

So yesterday, we went to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. It was awesome.  Persons wanting our pawtographs.  I tell ya what.  You can have all the pawtographs you want from Digby.  He will pee on whatever.  I do not sign pawtographs. I sign arrest reports.  After we toured the place like the tourists we are, Girl Person and Boy Person got us ice cream.  So yes, it was a good day.  I forgot to mention that we visited Friday’s Rescue Foundation too and met a bunch of cool, wheelchair furkids.  Look for our story this weekend.  So.  Anyway.  I guess we are tourists.  And there are worse things that you could be.  You know, like you, because you are arrested.  I just felt like it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle