Smoochy Smoochy


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. But today, you can call me Smoochy Smoochy. Not tomorrow or the next day, only today.

As you know, until Monday, we are staying in this Maryland place at a campground. Fans came and saw us and they even stayed here! Can you believe it? Just to see us. Although I can’t really blame them. What I can do however is arrest them for calling me out.

What does all of this have to do with being Smoochy Smoochy and stuff? Well, allow me to explain. Girl Person took us for a walk in the campground, and as usual, whenever I see I door, I want to go in. Especially when it has a glass door. Girl Person just laughs and tells me that dogs are not allowed in everywhere, which is a total shocker in my opinion. But on this particular walk, I saw the door at the campground building and I really wanted to go in because it was a Ranger station and I am a Sheriff, so yeah, I should be allowed in. Well, they were closed and Girl Person told us that we couldn’t go in. I refused to leave. Well, a Ranger happened to be driving by and asked what we were doing and if we needed any help. Girl Person explained that I wanted to go inside and he gave us an odd look and drove away.

As Girl Person was relaying this to our fans that were staying here at the campground, the Greyhound Dog Parent Person remarked that I wasn’t trying to get in the door. I was staring at my reflection in the door. Girl Person could not believe that she had not thought of that before. Yeah, they don’t call me Smoochy Smoochy on a Friday for nothin. I mean, if you looked at good as I do, wouldn’t you take every opportunity to stare at yourself too? Seriously. Yes.

But just because it is true doesn’t mean that this Greyhound Dog Parent Person should have called me out! So sorry Greyhound Dog Parent Person. I know you traveled a long way to see us. But hey, you. Are. Arrested.


Smoochy Smoochy


One thought on “Smoochy Smoochy

  1. Nina Merklin

    Sheriff, you are a smoochy smoochy! I don’t blame you for admiring yourself! My Rosie (she’s an Iggy) likes to look at herself, too. Beauty & fame are a heavy burden, sheriff, carry on.

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