What Was That?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  What was that?  Did you hear that?

We are visiting many new places and doing new hikes every day.  So it only goes without saying that I want to arrest everyone and everything.  Especially, since I don’t know what these sounds are, they scare Deputy Digby Pancake and I have to take care of it.


This Virginia place has new sounds for sure.  I hear something like frogs or monsters it could be, I heard bears or alligators, I have no idea which. Girl Person says this is not the Florida place and we have to learn about what animals, snakes and other creatures are out there. So we look at our maps and find information before we go. Because if there is a peanut butter monster that lives somewhere, I want to know about it before we are on the trail.  Can you imagine? A peanut butter monster?  Maybe I am the peanut butter monster! Then I would have to arrest myself, which would be awesome because I would be in peanut butter jail. But then it would be too sticky to get out and make it hard to arrest others. So never mind.  Virginia?  You are for lovers I hear.  And I am loving you so far!

Today, we are going to visit Hope For Life Rescue in Virginia Beach, Virginia! I can’t wait! And if you are in Virginia Beach and are planning to do the fan meet up today, it’s promptly at 10 a.m.Click here for info.  Don’t be late.  Or you know what will happen.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


2 thoughts on “What Was That?

  1. Judy Moore

    Sheriff there are lots of things hiding behind those big beautiful trees. I am sure you will get to the bottom of it so Digby won’t be so afraid. You are the brave one after all you’re the Sheriff. Have a great hike.

  2. Nina Merklin

    Sheriff, you are awesome, hiking in the area of known monsters. But bravery is being afraid but saddling up and going anyway!!! Love & cookies and pancakes to you both.

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