Welcome To Virginia!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Welcome to Virginia! We made it! No, it wasn’t without a hitch. I don’t know what a hitch is, but I should have left it in North Carolina.

The Big Blue Treat Wagon made it ok. It tried to get hot again, but we put a stop to that. We drove thru a lot of rain, and it is cold in this Virginia place too, but not as cold as the North Carolina place so far. Boy Person unfortunately got arrested. We made it to the campground ok, but he forgot to empty something that holds gross stuff and we had to get out of our parking space after we were set up and go empty the stupid thing again. Yes, I called it a stupid thing. It made my dinner late.

Sheriff Brickle was not having it and he not only arrested Boy Person for this infraction, but he threw up on the rug to make a point. Oh, Brickle. I didn’t do it this time, aren’t you impressed?

Girl Person says this state park is pretty cool! It has prison showers too, but hopefully Boy Person can get our shower fixed, otherwise, Girl Person says she is going to bathe in the ocean. Did I mention that we are right on the ocean? I just know that today is going to be a great day filled with hiking and eating and exploring Virginia Beach! We have to get rested though because tomorrow, we have a big day. We are visiting Hope For Life Animal Rescue in the afternoon, but in the morning, any fans who want to come hike with us, join us at First Landing State Park and the Bald Cypress Trailhead promptly at 10 a.m. It is a short 1.5 mile trail, but we promise to make it entertaining! Maybe even some free treats for you! The Bald Cypress Trail is one of the more popular trails here. It starts from the Trail Center. It is not a hard hike, even I can do it with a belly full of pancakes.

Enough business, I have a new campground to pee on. Oh wait, I guess that’s doing my business. Thanks for having us Virginia place!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Virginia!

  1. Sylvia DInunzio

    You guys look like you are having so much fun,I wish my girl person took me on a doggie vacation… Well you boys have a great time and listen to your mama.

  2. Judy Moore

    So happy you made it with just a small “Hitch”. Sheriff must have eaten dead fish in that Carolina place that made him sick. You boys need a “puke” bucket so you don’t dirty the carpet. Hope all is back to normal. You boys have a good hike and I’m sure you’ll both pee on everything in sight.

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