Is This Your Trash?



This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And I have one question for you today.  Is this your trash?

Everyday on our hiking trails, no matter where we go, we find trash, trash, trash.  I don’t understand how you can be in the great outdoors and then throw trash on it.  Apparently, you appreciate the woods and nature, so what in the world are people doing?

As you can see, I help carry out the trash and Digby does too.  Problem is, when it is a wrapper that has peanut butter on it, I kinda hide it.  There are no pancake wrappers, usually, although Digby Pancake is mad about this.  I tell him that if he was happy to find a pancake wrapper, that would actually be wrong because then he would be supporting trash.  I don’t mention the peanut butter.

Needless to say, if I see anyone throwing trash at our hiking places, they are arrested immediately.  No questions asked.  I do have a question though that is really perplexing me.  Why do people pick up their dog’s poop in bags and then leave the bags on the trails? This makes no sense, absolutely none!!  Please enlighten me on this one. Are there dog poop fairies in the woods that are going to take them to the trash cans? I doubt it.

Boy Person is even getting in on our efforts to clean trash up.  He started an Instagram account, isthisyourtrash.  So if you want to see what we find in the woods, and what we do to clean it up, why not follow him? Don’t tell him I told you…he kinda is shy about what good things he does.

So everyone today, I have a request.  If you find trash, any trash, pick it up!  Throw it away and be happy about it and know that I will not arrest you.

Have a great day everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle






One thought on “Is This Your Trash?

  1. Erika

    Hi Sheriff! Sometimes hikers will leave their dog poo bags on the side of the trail to pick up on their way back down, if they will be coming back the way they went in rather than hiking a loop. That way they aren’t carrying the stinky bag the entire way up and back down. But good for you for watching for litterbugs to arrest!! 🙂

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