Status Update #2


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And I have the second status update today for you on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  If you have any questions at the end of this blog, please feel free to comment.  I’ll try to do my best to get back with you in a timely manner as long as my peanut butter cookies in the oven aren’t cooling.  If so, I need to watch them until they are cool so that Deputy Digby does not steal them and then I will get back to you.

So here we are.  Still planning our trip.  The persons are busy, busy.  But it’s an excited busy and although Digby still doesn’t really know what is going on, I have the utmost confidence that he will embrace this adventure like a bottle of maple syrup.

Still…planning an early May departure.  We will let you know the exact date as we get closer. It’s a surprise!!! Boy Person is STILL looking for an RV big enough to hold all my handsome and keep us all comfy for a year as we travel.  He is pretty much picky as picky can be and he says that it has to be safe and roomy.  We have looked at a few, but so far, nothin.  We still have a little time.  I know we will find a great one!

We still are having yard sales every week to get rid of all this stuff that weighs us down.  Our plan this year is to simplify, help others and concentrate on what is important.  Stuff is not.  I keep putting a price tag on Digby too but no takers.

Then, the exciting part of this status update?  Our FIRST DESTINATION on the Adventure Of A Lifetime!!!  Where is it?!  JEKYLL ISLAND, GEORGIA! I have never been there, and I have to say, this is so exciting!!!

Girl Person says she is very much looking forward to getting our RV, decorating it and making it a home.  Last item on this week’s status update is that in every state, we will be giving our dog parent fans a RECIPE! Yep, for your DOG! Recipes On The Road! You will be able to find it on our other website,  More details to come, but every state will have its own recipe.  Delish!

So there you have it. This trip is one that is going to be worth all this prep work.  We won’t be able to do this without your support, so please…share with your friends and join us.  It’s just a few weeks away!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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  1. Cathryn McDowell

    It may be too late now, but what about building a ‘tiny home’ and including it as an episode of ‘Tiny House Living’. It would be great publicity and cover two endearing national movements: going tiny and pets in tiny homes.

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