What They Don’t Know.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you.  But it sure can entertain you…and we are happy to oblige.  What am I talking about?  Ask cuckoo, crazy Girl Person.

First of all, Girl Person says that she isn’t used to having neighbors.  She says that she isn’t the type to talk to humans with two legs when she takes out the trash.  Or brings groceries in, or when she checks the mailbox.  She apparently isn’t the neighborly type.  Or so she says.

When we moved to our sweet, Country Cousin’s beach house in September, there was no one next door to us. But then they came.  The neighbor people. They came with their crazy antics and crazy everything.  So Girl Person told us that there was an invisible line in between the houses.  To only look one way and just be ourselves, but don’t make any trouble.  Or eye contact. Well, we are the law, we enforce the law…we enjoy it.  But what do you do when you need to arrest your own Girl Person?

Girl Person said be ourselves. Which means crazy. So all day she sits outside with us in the yard working on her computer.  She takes our pictures ALL day long.  She talks to us ALL day long.  She takes more pictures. She makes dog treats while singing with the windows open.  She lays in the grass with us, looks at the ocean and tells us stories. She talks about dogs, to dogs and pretends she is a dog. All.  Day.  Long.  So what do our neighbors think about this?

Well, we don’t know.  Maybe there is a reason they won’t look our way.  Maybe there is a reason they stay on their side of their invisible line.  Maybe there is a reason they look at Girl Person like she has lost her mind.  Girl Person says that they don’t know about our blog and she hopes they never do. But she is scared they will find out so she can’t say everything she wants to say about their cuckoo.  We sure are going to miss this place when we leave.  But for now…well, we apparently are THE crazies in the neighborhood.  And Girl Person says what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

2 thoughts on “What They Don’t Know.

  1. Digby, we have a home to the right side of our home, and for one reason or another it often goes unoccupied….we like it like that…on our left side and behind us is an abandoned gravel pit (no neighbors there either) and across the street from us is a farmers field…we LOVE it here! we don’t have to pretend not to see them, as they don’t exist (neighbors that is) Girl Person is not crazy,,,,the neighbors are

  2. Patricia Moller

    Deputy Digby I agree with Girl Person. I like to keep to myself I speak to my neighbors but I don’t need them in my business. So you stay on your side of the line and enjoy your life just the way it is with boy and girl person and all your Facebook friends. 🐾💖

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