That’s Alright


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Thanks for joining me today.  I know you have never saw anyone so handsome before and that’s why you keep coming back.  Glad I can help with that. That’s alright, that’s alright.

You don’t know anybody that could be so handsome.  I know that.  It’s alright. Don’t be embarrassed about it, we all have our different qualities, and mine happens to be handsome.  I definitely was made aware of that this morning too.  Although I will remember it again tomorrow morning and night.

We were on a trail, and Boy Person was with us today.  Some persons and their dogs were coming the other way, so we made room for them.  I’m a gentleman of course.  Digby, not so much.  But as we stood aside, one of the lady persons told Boy Person, “nice jacket”.  Well, it’s not often that the persons wear jackets in this hot desert Florida place.  So Boy Person said thanks.  He was all proud of his jacket and that’s when the lady person asked him where he got them.  Them?  Yeah Boy Person, never forget, I am the looker in this family.  It’s my jacket and I guess Digby’s too that is getting the love.  And the adoration. And the looks.  That’s alright, that’s alright.

So then Boy Person told her, oh, the dogs?  She said yeah, but you have a nice jacket too.  I mean, who wouldn’t think a jacket that says El Paso, Texas was nice, even though none of us have been to El Paso, Texas and I have no idea where that thing came from.

Girl Person gave Boy Person a hug and told him that although El Paso was probably pretty neat, it was time we get some clothes that looked as nice as the dogs’.  Doubt that is gonna happen.  I pay the bills around here, Digby and I.  We have a reputation to uphold, don’t you think? They say everything is bigger in Texas…well, probably not Boy Person’s self esteem…

That’s alright.  I’ll let him wear my jacket.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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