Rude Rules.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s Tuesday. Not Monday. I thought you should know that.  I don’t know why.  I also don’t know why that there are so many rules.  Today for example.  There we were, hiking along, and up popped this rude sign.  “No Digging Allowed”.  No digging allowed?!  How rude is that?!

Now, I could use the argument that dogs can’t read.  BUT since I am writing this blog, I highly doubt anyone would believe me.  Plus, I do look purty smart today.  But when you are hiking, and minding your own business and already have the hopes that your digging will be fruitful on a Tuesday, and then this sign pops up, well, it crushes all your hopes and dreams.  I am not the kind of dog that follows the rules.  No peeing on Brickle’s head? Rule broken.  No eating of the horse poop on the trails?  Rule broken.  No passing of gas in a hot Jeep on a summer’s day?  Rule broken. And broken again.  So when I saw this sign today, I thought self? Rules are rude.  And I know, I just know that there is something real good to be dug up there.  Like pancakes, like more poop, like maple syrup, and I am bound and determined to find this out.

Girl Person says that if I don’t follow the rules today, Sheriff Brickle is going to have to do some arresting.  Well, hear me out. My name is Digby, I dig.  How can I be expected to follow this rule? That would be like Brickle not having the personality of a brick. Did I say that out loud? It can’t be done.  So I say that Tuesdays are for rule breakin and as Deputy, I will plead for your probation, no matter what rule you break today.  I have to go…dig…dig away.  I need those pancakes.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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