Salty Dog


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If you have ever went into a bar and ordered a drink, I would like to know…what is your favorite?  I am just wondering because I think mine is a Salty Dog.

Girl Person says I can’t drink.  She says I am too young, too innocent and that last but not least, dogs can’t have alcohol. I didn’t ask for alcohol.  But I am asking for pancakes.  And while you are at it, syrup.

Sorry, everything always leads me back to pancakes. Which is the point of my blog as well today.  Since I can’t have a person version of a Salty Dog drink, can’t I Digby Pancake it up a notch?  Here is how I would make it:

Take pancakes.  Eat one and then take another one and save it.  Then take another one and smash it up with bananas and peanut butter and then….take another pancake and put it on top.  I will look at it for awhile and start to drool which will make it all smooshy and then I will drink it.  Does that not sound delicious?!! If you are up for it, go crazy like and share with your dog on the beach which will make it a Salty Dog!  I am so smart which is why I am a Deputy.

So there is my recipe for the day.  Forget about your person drinks.  And forget about going to the bar.  Stay home with your dog and have a pawty with this concoction.


-Deputy Salty Dog Pancake

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