Arrest Yourself


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I arrested Monday.  It’s Tuesday.  You’re welcome.

This morning, we took a really long hike.  It was hot in this Florida place.  Almost 86 degrees and sunshiney and as you know, the heat makes me irritable.  Yes, this is a redeeming factor as a Sheriff.  But I was tired and decided I was going to rest a bit before our car ride home in the shade with a cool drink of water while trying to stay out of Deputy Digby Pancake’s stank, downwind draft.

That is when I saw them.  The giant dogs called horses.  Seems as though they were a bit taken with my good looks, and their riders too.  I can tell you this right now, if anyone ever tries to ride me, you are arrested.

So anyway, I saw the horses and they were apparently afraid to walk by me.  Well, I certainly wasn’t going to get up.  I was tired after my three mile hot walk and that was that.  The riders told each other that they would go into the corral until we got in our car so that they didn’t have to walk by us.  Girl Person asked me if I was ready to go.  Hold up.  My Sheriff skills are about to be praised.

Instead of me having to arrest these scaredy cat, giant horse dogs, they arrested themselves. That is how powerful my Sheriff power is y’all! They went into the horse jail by themselves.  I expect that I won’t even have to write a report.  I will tell my Deputy to suggest this to them.  Why can’t all criminals be so efficient? I am thinking that maybe if I stare long enough at everyone and everything that needs to be arrested, it will take care of itself.  What do you need me to arrest today? Let me know. Am I getting this good at being a Sheriff?  You better answer correctly.  Or else.  You. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


Visit To The Farm

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  For those of you who have been our friends for the past few years, you know that we were privileged to call our featherkids family. Rooster Man, Sonoma and Izzy were a part of our lives and daily adventures.  If you remember, back in August when we moved to the beach house, we had to find a temporary home for our featherkids.  If you don’t remember, you can read the seven archives starting here that explain.


Ok, so back to me.  We have been without our featherkids for a few months now and we wanted to go check up on them as we periodically do.  So on Saturday, we headed on over to their farm and their home.  We thought you would want to see them.


As you can see, they are doing so very good.  Rooster Man has about twenty new girlfriends and even has another rooster buddy. Can you imagine this? Rooster Man has turned into a nice guy!!

Sonoma has grown all her feathers in so nicely and is proud to be the fattest hen in the house.  Izzie is still up to her daily antics of trying to escape but now has new security.  Goats.


Can’t say as I have ever smelled anything worse than these goats.  Or have I ever been so scared of the pregnant goat that tried to arrest ME.  What are these things anyways?  Giant, smelly dogs with a bad attitude?  Digby must be related.

We know that our fans love the featherkids as much as we do.  It took a lot of effort to get them to a place that appreciated them and where we could still visit until we head to California.  It was our intentions always to take them with us on the road trip to California, but decided after seeing them so happy here that this is where they wanted to be.  Their age dictated to us that the stress of another move was not fair to them.  Their well being and happiness is what is important.  Not ours.  So we will be visiting them until we leave for California, possibly in February now.

This was a long blog to just tell you that the featherkids are well.  I am a bit long winded today I admit.  Deal with it.

Have a great day everyone! And do not eat fried chicken today or you are arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle